Friday, April 3, 2015

It is a Good Friday

I'm sitting here, blogging from my couch while bacon cooks in the oven. Why Because for the first time in my career, I work for a company who closes their offices on Good Friday. CRAZY! Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled to have the day off and I've go plenty of things on my agenda today, I'll definitely take the 3 day weekend, but it's still odd.

I have big plans to get my nails done. I'm actually leaning towards a pinky, spring color, what? A departure from my usual darky dark colors? It just might have to happen. If I hate it, I'll get them done again in a few weeks. I need to take the dog for a walk, do the dishes, there's a 4:30 spin class I'm contemplating and I need to do a little shopping.

Today's post is kinda random but if we go with that whole 5 thing Friday thing, it works. Just roll with it. :)

Recently I've developed a small Kendra Scott obsession. I've been coveting the tassel necklace online for a while but I just couldn't pull the trigger. Tuesday I was over at the KD house for initiation and one of them was wearing an orange version of the necklace and I loved it even more in person.

Any who, that night Kev was off playing poker and when he does well, the poker fairy visits. Gambling winnings are always spent on fun things. Needless to say, the fairy visited and I headed off to Southpoint mall to the new Kendra Scott store that recently opened.

They were having a promotion where you opened an Easter egg and got a percentage off. Mine was 15% off and I walked put with these awesome earrings.

And of course, the necklace. I debated for a while which color to get. Black was really, really, high on my list but I ultimately decided that the mother of pearl was more versatile. LOVE IT. 

I also discovered that if you sign up for their e-mails, you get 50% off any 1 item during your birthday month. Thank you, I will. There's a pair of druzy earrings that I had a serious love for and are next on my wish list...

The other day, my brother sent me this video from the Onion. It questions if companies should discontinue unpaid intern fights.

I sent it to my interns.... By no means am I encouraging my interns to fight for my amusement, but I wouldn't oppose it. My interns asked if they did fight each other, would the winner be allowed to spin the wheel of gift cards. I'm OK with that, The winner can spin the wheel. lol I love having interns.

I really should start thinking about what I need to pack for Europe. Like, really, really need to think about it. I have no idea what I should bring. There's a part of me that really wants to get a black beret and wear it in France with a striped shirt, because that's what I think they wear there. My frame of reference is Bugs Bunny cartoons. Who am I kidding, I'm absolutely bringing a striped shirt. Probably several.

Since I really needs some help, I decided to sign up for the GYPO Spring challenge. Have you heard about this yet? You sign up for the Challenge, it's $29 and you get a shopping list to create a capsule wardrobe. There's a HUGE online community of women who are shopping and sharing their looks. I'm super excited to get started. We got the shopping list last night and now I need to pick up a few things to round out my capsule.

It's geared a little more towards the casual and I'll probably need to swap out some of the jeans for some dress pants. I could wear jeans every day if I wanted to but I think I should dress more professionally than most of my team, most of the time. Check out Allison's website here to learn more!

Unfortunately I have several things on the shopping list that don't quite fit my ass right now. I'm not buying new pants because of 7 stupid pounds. Instead it's back on the Whole 30 starting Monday, maybe Sunday depending on things... I started it at the beginning of Feb but not feeling well threw me off track. When you feel bad and only want to eat bagels and cream cheese, it throws a kink in only eating meat, veggies and fruit.

I've got 3 weeks until Germany, let's get as much of this gone as possible! Except on the 14th, we have a huge company dinner at the Angus Barn for hitting a big milestone. I'll keep it as clean as possible but I'm totally having booze.

Have a great Friday everyone!!

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  1. Sounds like you have a fantastic trip to look forward to - Europe will be amazing! Hope you're enjoying your long weekend :)

  2. I love the Kendra Scott jewelry that you got! I've had my eyes on a few pieces, but haven't bought anything yet. I think that, once I do, I will be addicted!

    Hope you had a wonderful long weekend!