Tuesday, July 24, 2018

The Glory and Majesty of Planters Cheese Balls

You know when you go to the store and think, Mmm... you know what, I haven't had X in a long time, it would be super delicious today. Then you go looking for it, figure it's probably just not at that store and go about your day. If you're me you look for it slightly obsessively for years. 

Sometimes, in a glorious chain of events, the company decides to bring it back and Lara rejoices. It happened 3 years ago with Gatorade Lemon Ice. If you weren't aware, Lemon Ice Gatorade is the most delicious of all the flavors. Really, nothing holds a candle to Lemon Ice Gatorade. 

It was back, only for a limited time and ONLY sold at 7-11. Where I live in NC, we have 0 and I mean zero 7-11s which is tragic in more ways than one.  We happened to take a trip to Florida that year, where 7-11s grow like palm trees and the world was finally right again.

Oh Lemon Ice, how I love you. 

My MIL also brought me down a case of these that she picked up in NY. Much to Kev's dismay, said case Gatorade sat in our garage for 3 years until he recently threw it away because I didn't drink it. In my defense, as long as it existed in the garage, I could always have it. then again, I don't really drink my calories unless it's booze so there it sat for years. 

And really, did it matter that they were a year expired? I'm sure they were still fine. 

Well, Kev doesn't know this yet, but the greatest snack food of all time is coming back.


Look, I will fight you if you think a better snack food exists. Because there is NO and I mean NO comparable cheese ball alternative out there. Planters set the bar so damn high and no one has yet to even meet, let alone surpass it. Utz tries, they really do, but they density isn't right. Then there's the 5lb canister that Costco rolls out during the holidays that I have yet to see while shopping alone. Let me tell you, husbands who don't love Cheese Balls aren't keen on buying a year's supply.

But Planters, that's the -ish. I can remember it like it was yesterday. The yellow lid, peeling back the seal and uncorking that canister, the smell....

Gee Lara, this was supposed to be a motivational blog about weight loss and being active and stuff. 

I started low carbing last week and full blown Keto on Sunday. I'm dreaming about Cheese Balls at this point. 

Alright, so literally the minute I found out about this I scurried over to figure out how I could get my hands on some. My BFF Amazon came to the rescue.

Hi, your chubby ass can't dig into 12 canisters of Cheeez Balls right now, but here's $5 to tide you over.

Yes, 12 because we need them when the lean times come again. And I have a kid now and kids love cheese balls right?

What did you LOVE that they no longer make? Short list for me: Jello pudding pops. WWF Wrestling Ice Cream bars ( I LOVED THESE) and Kudos bars.
Friday, July 20, 2018

Since the last time I posted

OMG I'm totally going to come back and blog and -ish. so said Lara a YEAR ago. Dang. For the last few months I've been thinking I should dust off this space instead of sitting here at night after Morgan goes to bed playing some B.S. game on my phone and watching My 600lb Life or Outdaughtered. (which I'm totally watching right now because I don't know anything about kids and what they do at various ages.)

During all the reruns of My 600lb Life they play previews of Doctor Pimple Popper and I couldn't help it, I had to watch one episode.

I was sitting there, watching the doctor lance this giant ass cyst that a guy had been growing on his forehead for FIVE YEARS. It looked like a horn, a giant red horn growing from his head and he hadn't gone to the doctor because he was afraid it might be cancer so he just let it grow on his head. THEN, THEN, there was the lady who literally had a hump growing on her shoulder and it was THREE POUNDS OF FAT.

You might call that rock bottom, and I thought, you know, I could blog instead of watch a chicken cutlet get pulled out of a lady's neck.

I was making some posts last year, totally on a roll and we had to do some unexpected remodeling downstairs.

 Every scrap of tile in the hall, kitchen and dining room was pulled up and the living room carpet. In addition, the "neutral" wallpaper in the hall and up the stairs was removed, light fixtures replaced, kitchen cabinets repainted, the entire downstairs repainted and I'm sure a bunch of other things I can't remember now.

Totally awesome when you have a 3 month old baby, dog, and mother in law who just began an extended visit. Have you ever stayed in an extended stay hotel with a dog and a 3 month old? I don't recommend it.

However, total bright side, we've been talking for years about selling our house and moving to something a little bigger with more space. We said as soon as we got a baby we'd do it and remodeling the entire downstairs only makes the house more marketable regardless of what a pain it was.

As of last week, we're on the market and the house is up for sale! If you know anyone who's looking for a great house in an awesome neighborhood in N. Raleigh NC, let me know!

9800 Tandem Ct, Raleigh, NC 27615 

9800 Tandem Ct, Raleigh, NC 27615

9800 Tandem Ct, Raleigh, NC 27615

9800 Tandem Ct, Raleigh, NC 27615

Seriously, does it not look so much better? No more orange, no more cream, no ugly tile, no wallpaper. It makes me not want to move. lol

So yea, that's my highly un-insightful initial blog post. Baby stuff, house stuff and sell my house stuff.