Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Scenes from the Weekend

Hey all! How was your weekend? Mine was filled with cleaning and a little rock and roll.

My sister in law and her family are coming to visit next week so we have to scrub off the 2 months of dirt that have accumulated since my parents came to visit. I'm happy to say that our bedroom, 2 spare rooms and 1700 loads of laundry are finished. Not folded or put away, but definitely washed, or on the floor in front of the washing machine.  
On Friday my car was making a funny noise and I wasn't comfortable driving it this weekend, that meant 1 car family and I had to wait for Kev to come back from work Sunday morning before I could head to the gym.
I made it in time for the new RMP release. I have to say, I really liked #63. It was a great burn and a good class. Seriously, EVERY bike was taken, that never happens. Ever.
I generally burn about 100 calories per 10 minutes in spin class, so this was a little over my average, so not bad. If I want a big calorie burn I have to go for a run, I've built up enough cardio strength that the classes don't bring the calorie results like they used to.

Get home, shower, walk Cleo and it's off to the Kiss / Def Leppard concert! Confession time, I LOVE some hair metal. Love, love, love, and I'm not the least bit ashamed. I've seen Kiss twice before and they're one of Kev's favorite bands. First time Def Leppard for both of us.

I was doing really well with my IIFYM for the day until this happened.

It was delicious and I have no regrets. I also don't regret the hot pretzel and half cup of other beer. CONSUME ALL THE CARBS!
Kev's Kiss tribute face. I was excited that I finally had another reason to wear the Kiss t-shirt I bought ironically several years ago. Kev was also threatening to get a pair of jorts for the concert, because that's what you should wear to a Kiss show. Thankfully he never made it to Sears and I was spared.
Thoughts on the show, Def Leppard tried really, really hard and that was nice for them. Not everyone made it through the 90s with their voices intact. During one of the songs they pointed the microphone out to the audience for us to sing the next line and NO ONE RESPONDED. I felt so bad for them. Hopefully the people up front sang something because the lawn (where we were) was completely silent.
Kiss did everything you wanted Kiss to do. There was fire, Gene Simmons spit blood, they flew on wires, there were fireworks, it was exactly what I wanted it to be. Just a few observations, when Gene Simmons does his tongue thing, it's not sexy anymore. (was it ever?) But really, enough with the sexual innuendos, it's just gross now. Like how Neil Diamond can't sing "Girl You'll be a Woman Soon" anymore. Because that's just really creepy.
All in all we Rock and Rolled not quite all night, only until about 11pm, because we had to work in the morning.  
What was the last concert you saw?
Who else likes Hair Bands?


  1. I want to try that hard cider! Yum! I haven't been to a hair band show in forever! So sad Def Leppard couldn't bring it. :(

    1. It was really good! I wasn't expecting to find cider at an outdoor concert so I had to take advantage of it. And I had to drink it kinda quickly because, you know, it would get warm.

  2. Ahhh! That's fantastic!! My husband is a huge Kiss fan too! It was a really good show, I saw Kiss several years ago when Poison opened up for them and we were in theth row. It was amazing and SOOOOO hot from all the fire!

  3. HAHAHA! I can't even look at the laundry or start to think about folding it yet. I'm going to regret this decision next weekend when I have even more to fold!