Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Not done talking about Pittsburgh yet.

Remember how I said I ate my way through Pittsburgh? Yea, this is a continuation of that. :)

Friday morning we woke up and headed over to Shadyside to Pamela's for breakfast. Let me tell you about Pamela's... When I was a kid I had to go to Pittsburgh several times to get tubes in my ears and my tonsils out. Children's Hospital is in Oakland, where Pitt is. Anywho, every time we went up there, we always ate at some Pancake House. It might have been called the Pancake House or the Pancake Kitchen or something like that and their pancakes were delish. 

A few years later that pancake restaurant turned into Pamela's and my Mom said that Pamela was a waitress who bought the place; however, according to Wikipedia, Pamela was a teacher before she went into the restaurant biz.. Sorry Mom.

The Pamela's in Oakland is the place where you spend Sunday mornings drinking coffee, eating pancakes and lyonaise potatoes and sopping up Saturday night's booze. Pamela's is great hangover food. 

We weren't hungover but Kev wanted some pancakes. Yummy crepe-y, thin pancakes of happiness. 

I also had some unpictured Lyonaise potatoes. I can't describe them, it's a seasoned potato, sliced and cooked with onions and stupid good. In my opinion, it's the best thing on the menu. 

After breakfast I dropped Kev off at the casino and drove back to Monroeville to meet up with an old friend for lunch (Hi Kristin!) 3.5 hours later, I think they were ready to kick us out. Luckily for them, we're both former waitresses and tip really well. 

After lunch I braved the Pittsburgh traffic to pick Kev up and we checked into our hotel in Downtown Pgh. We were at Hotel Monaco and it was super cool. It was pet friendly and the room even had a huge dog bed in it. And a bowl. 

We changed and went to Capital Grille for dinner. Kev had steak and I had... tartare. It wasn't bad,

After dinner I took my first Uber across the river over to the casino. :) Gotta say, big fan of the Uber. I get it. Noce cars, the people aren't shady and it's super cheap AND no money changes hands. It's all through Paypal. 

Saturday morning it was time for our annual trip to the Strip District to load up on all the Pittsburgh-y goodness. 

Breakfast was at DeLuca's. I miss diner food. We have 0 good diners in NC. We can get a biscuit but a nice crispy potato? No so much...

We loaded up on sauce, some bread for the potluck Kev was having at the house the next night and some cookies for my Dad. Then we saw these.

That friends, is a pepperoni roll longer than my forearm. And it was $5. It was also lunch for the afternoon. Well. half of it was lunch for Kev and I. Mmmmm....

The Pittsburgh Popcorn Company had this amazing delight. I got a bag, Kev put it in the pantry and when I got back from Scotland, sadly it was stale, I'm still sad but my pants aren't.

What else, I got a big girl pizzelle maker instead of the plastic one I've been using for years. Truth though, I'm keeping the other one too and am going to run both when I have to make my 12 dozen for the cookie exchange. Hell yeah.

After our trip to the Strip, we headed to my parent's, saw grandma, had dinner then back to the hotel (and maybe the casino). 

We got up bright and early on Sunday because we needed to get me to DC for my flight.

But first, Pamela's again and those Lyonaise potatoes.

Up next, SCOTLAND!

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  1. I can only wonder how little people undervalue the beauty of a good diner. Rick Sebak (sp?) made a movie on those suckers waaaayyy before Food Network went traping around the country.... Another? Delallo's... Nothing comes close.... Except *maybe* the strip....

  2. WHATTT no good diners in Raleigh? Have you ever been to Gypsy's Shiny Diner in Cary? It's up the street from Mongolian Fire (which is also effing delicious). They were delicious and I used to eat there all the time 05-06. All.the.time.