Friday, April 29, 2016

Five Thing Friday

Look at this, I said I was going to blog this week and I did. Small wins folks, small wins.

Might as well take it old school and do a "Five Thing Friday". Heads up, I;m super tired because there was a storm last night and the dog and cats really wanted to come into the bedroom. Between all of their fussing, Lara didn't get much sleep. :(

1. A few weeks ago, my office expanded and we took over the the space on the other side of the hallway. Now the office is in a big 'U' and my team moved onto the other side of the office. They really like it, we have the new desks, I have a shinny new office, it's all good, except for the temperature. 
It is so damn cold on our side, BUT my office is like 10 degrees warmer than everyone else. If I;m OK, they're freezing. I'm hot and they're comfortable. The other day it was crazy cold and I had to send them this. 
I found some old, pre-rebrand gloves in the Marketing closet. I'm saving them for the next time they complain about the cold.

2. Back in the day, my Jenny weigh in was Saturday morning. I'd do my thing all week, hold on Friday night, weigh in the morning and if I was going to have a treat, it was Saturday. Then I had the entire week to be on track. Since my weigh-in week starts on Saturday, so does my work-out tracking (is that even a thing?)
Here's how this week looked
Saturday - Thought really hard about going to the gym. Really, really hard, but we went to the farmer's market instead and I was a little bummed about my weigh-in
Sunday - Went to the Southern Women's Show instead of yoga.
Monday - Boot Camp
Tuesday - Spin
Weds - Planned to go to boot camp but they hungry hit me and I knew I didn't have enough fuel to workout.
Thurs - So flipping tired. I had planned to go to spin though.
Friday - Kev and I have to get some photos taken

Just 2 workouts this week. Not awesome but better than nothing.

3. My brother lives with us now and while he's looking for a job, he's been taking artistic pictures of my animals.
With the light through the trees, she's like the second coming of dog.
I'm pretty sure Luger has a stash of mouse and bird carcasses under the deck 
This is Godiva, I am her person. She talks and says my name and it's creepy AF.

Still waiting for Kev to give the green light for me to get a baby goat. He keeps saying no, something about baby goats not being baby goats forever. Whatever.

You live in the Raleigh Durham area and have pets? My brother can take some super awesome pictures for you. 

4. I've been making  my team taste test things I find. It started with the 3 new peanut M&M flavors. Chili Nut, Honey Nut and Coco Nut. Then we did popcorn and yesterday we started on Oreos. So far the Reeses ones are a hit and the 'filled cupcakes' taste like unicorn tears. Sounds delish. I have partaken of 0. Because weigh-in.

5. Saturday I found the biggest Honey crisp apple I've ever seen in my life. This bad boy weighed 1.5lbs and at $4.99 a pound, that folks, is a $7.50 apple. 

I got this shirt at the last Kappa Delta training academy I went to. One of our platforms is building confidence in women. The shirt says "All I need is coffee and confidence". #GoConfidently

Have a great weekend and wish me luck tomorrow! Fingers crossed I see a decent loss!

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  1. Happy Friday.

  2. omg i just had one of the hardest workout of my life and my shoulders are shot. i could barely even get my shirt over my head!

    and you're totally right -- 2 workouts are better than none! sometimes our weeks just don't go as week!

  3. DEAR LORD - that apple!!! That's crazy!!!

    There is always a battle in the office over the temp. I just keep a heater & a sweater & a fan near me at all times to adjust to everyone's war.

    1. It was so ridiculous. I made Kev take a picture of me holding it. lol AND YES, the cold is crazy. I get it, they're cold. But there's not much that can be done when the other side of the office is sweating.

  4. THAT APPLE! Geez, I've never seen one that big! The cinnamon roll Oreos are probably my fave. I haven't tried those other two, but I just know in my heart! Ha! I WANT A BABY GOAT. We had pet goats when I was little, the first was scary and an a-hole, but the second LOVED ME. I would put his lead down and run and he would follow me. He was seriously like my dog.

    1. I want a baby goat too! Kev is holding firm on the nope. There is this farm that's not too far away and I can go pet the goats, bunnies and guinea pigs.'m gonna make him take me with all the other pre-schoolers.