Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Jenny Craig Food Hacks

So, I was contemplating what I should blog about today, back in the day, Wednesday was some sort of fashion, (I think) but remember, this is now a weight loss and exercise blog... sure, it's still me though. Oh, before I go on, Jenny Craig has no idea that I'm on their plan, I'm just another person eating some food. Mkay...

So, like I said, I ordered 3 days of Jenny food online then I went to my center and got a week's worth. I even tried to follow the "Week One" planned menu, hey, at least I'll get to try something that I hadn't before. 

For those folks who aren't familiar, on Jenny Craig you eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and 1 snack on them, then you supplement 2 milk servings, 1 1/2 fruit servings and all the vegetables your colon can handle.

Replace the words with, "I ate too much Broccoli. I ate all the broccoli. We're out of broccoli, so much broccoli." and you have me Monday night. Kev loves my songs. 

So, on to some of my Jenny hacks!

1. TOAST EVERYTHING. Really, if it can be toasted or cooked in the oven, do it! I'm thinking about bringing a toaster oven to work and putting it in my office. Well, I'm exaggerating, but now I want one. 

The Turkey Burger is one of my favs and when it was in my surprise box, it was a hella surprise. 

Veggies for DAYS!

2. Embrace your inner OCD. No offense to people who are truly stricken with the disease, but I have a slight twinge of it and it comes out full force when it comes to some things, like not having your food touch. In this stunning plate, I picked the potatoes out of the rest of the meal and cooked them in a pan.
Note the peas in the picture, but not on my plate. F peas. I hate them.

3. Put the food on a plate. Plate food is more like real food. I'll be honest though, this sunshine sandwich is one of my favorites and I'd eat it off a hobo's sock if that was my only option.

Plate food.

 4. Make a big ass pile of veggies. Embrace the volumizing and add all the free veggies you can handle.
We got $2 green beans from the farmer's market. So many...

 5. Save something special for the weekend. I love the breakfast scramble on Sunday morning. Mainly because I like to pick put the potatoes, cook them in a pan with some seasoned salt and pepper and eat them separate from the eggs.
This is mainly because I need a pan, and I can't make it like this at work.

6. Embrace condiments! Know which condiments are free foods, like mustard, and flee from things like mayo, but you should anyways because mayo is gross.

But let me tell you the story of the fish and chips. When I did Jenny the first time, I loved the Fish and Chips and I especially loved the little packet of malt vinegar in there. I was seriously looking forward to this ALL DAY and you know what, the stopped putting in the mail vinegar! AND I didn't have any in the house. Thusly, I had all the sads.

So much broccoli...

So there are some JC hacks a la me.  How everyone is having a great week!

Have you tried the coconut LaCroix? Delicious or tastes like suntan lotion? Discuss.

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  1. OH MY GOSH - I so remember Dana Carvey singing that song on SNL... I love he's got an orchestra doing it :)
    Plating probably is such a good trick for the brain.