Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Nine Things about Me

Another Fun List today. I saw this one on Instagram and decided to put it up in ye olde Blog instead. So, here goes.

1. Last thing you watched on Netflix – I don’t know if it was on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, but eh, they’re the same thing for me. Naked Gun. Damn, I forgot how funny that movie was and if you were wondering, it totally holds up. Kev and I were watching the most recent OJ documentary series, “OJ, Made in America” and they were talking about his acting career and how it never really, shall we say, took off like he wanted. Everyone thought Naked Gun was perfect for him. He was in if for all of 5 minutes and got shot and the crap kicked out of him. Heh heh heh.

2. Height – 5’3”. Yes, I’m short, and whenever possible I wear heels or something to make me a little taller. One time my chiropractor suggested that I perhaps wear flats or an orthopedic shoe. I explained that he must have me mistaken for a different patient, because that would never happen. It only happened 1x and he realized the error of his ways.

3. Last thing you listened to? - Like on purpose or something that happened to be playing? If we go wit on purpose, I was listening to the Broadway Showstoppers Pandora channel all day at work yesterday. It was definitely a Broadway sort of day. When I was at the nail salon last week, there were playing a fab mix of songs (I can’t believe I wrote that when you read the next part). I asked which Pandora station it was and she said it was the “Artists like Celine Dion” channel. In my defense, they were playing “Total Eclipse of the Heart” which is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE SONGS, because Jim Steinman (he wrote most of Meatloaf’s songs AND Celine’s “Its all coming back to me now”.

4. Cats or Dogs? Ahhh. Both? If I had to choose, I’ve always been a cat person and cats really like me. But I have a dog too and Cleo is awesome.
We went for a run one day and she reached maximum derp.

5. Zodiac Sign? - Sagittarius. If you read anything about the characteristics of people with certain zodiac signs, yea, it's totally me.

6. Worst Fear - I could get really deep here, but worst fear, heights. I hate hate heights. F them. 

7. Relationship Status - Married. It'll be 10, yes 10 years for me and Kev in August!

8. Favorite Band?- For everyone who knows me, and I'm sure I've mentioned it on the blog 100x. BON JOVI! I have been a fan since Slippery When Wet came out in 1986. Yes. That long. 

DOES ANYONE ELSE HAVE A PROBLEM WITH GREY HAIRED JON BON JOVI IN THE DIRECTV COMMERCIAL?!?!?! BECAUSE I DO. There is no need for him to be grey. color that -ish. Really, it's making me feel old. Jon, you are my first crush and I have mad love for you, but I need you not to  be grey, M-kay?

9. One thing you can’t live without - Chapstick.

This is just on the end table next to me. There are 3 in my car, 2 in my purse, 3 at work, a few on the bedside table... In my defense, Godiva knocks them off the table and they roll under the couch. I think I've lost them, or Cleo ate them (she likes to chew on the tubes) and I get another one from the stash. Kev found 5 under the couch the other day. #IMightHaveAProblem

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Bon Jovi was my first concert in the 80's... Slippery When wet. Oh the memories.
    Heights... I just got chills. I am weird about it myself.

    1. I think I've lost count how many times I've seen them. Kev says that I forget that he's beside me when we go. Not entirely true, but close. ;)

  2. Congrats on (almost) 10 years of marriage... my J and I have been married for 10 years as well. Crazy!

  3. i wish i had netflix! i get a canadian version of it for free (the perks of working in a tv company) but it's not the same .... :(

    1. I used to work for a TV company and I got all the channels and cable for free, it was glorious.

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