Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Weekly Weigh-in #15 and #16

Oh hey, I was supposed to post my weekly weigh-in last week, then I didn't. -ish got really crazy at work and has stayed crazy. Ah, the joys of an acquisition. I've done a decent job of getting my workouts in and my food has been fine. Almost 2 pounds in two weeks. As long as the scale keeps going down, I'm happy. I'm starting to feel like I have a bigger loss coming up, like a 2 pounder or something, Maybe this will be the week?

Workouts - (Last Week)
Saturday - Body Pump
Sunday - Run and Body Flow
Monday- Last minute work dinner
Tuesday - CAB meeting at NC State
Wednesday - OMG I was tired and got my nails done instead
Thursday - Body Pump
Friday - Body Combat

I'll be honest, I don't remember exactly what I did the week before. I did workout 3 times, I did some Body Pump, I ran, did some Combat classes, the regular stuff. I did notice this week that I had made some gains in the lower ab department. Not like I could see them, because that's probably never gonna happen, but I was able to do a lot of lower ab exercises that I couldn't before. It's actually a really good thing, that's the area that needs the most work because my lower ab and core is what needs to be stronger to help with my back. Basically if I can strengthen my lower abs and core, it keeps my pelvis, sciatic joint and hips from getting out of alignment which is the cause of my back injuries. Yay for progress!
My weekly recap from Apple Watch. I burned 4735 "extra" calories which should have been more than a .8 pound loss. It'll happen though.

What I'm eating this week

Twice a week at work we have catered lunch and I never eat it. Sometimes if I know there's going to be salad, I plan my Jenny meal accordingly because I really like having extra veggies on my turkey burger or cheese burger. This day we had a giant salad from Zoe's Kitchen and I snagged some lettuce, cucumbers, green peppers and a few olives. It was Insta-worthy.

Week 14 Picture

Week 7 vs Week 15 pictures
 I was pretty pleased with this comparison. That's exactly 2 months between the pictures. June to August. There's only a 10-ish difference between the 2 pictures. It's crazy how just 10 pounds can make such a big difference. I know I have muscle under all of the fat, now to get them to come out!

Obligatory gym selfie.

I think this picture is pretty crazy, it's me and Kev 8 years ago on a cruise. This is me never working out and being pretty sedentary. It shows how a good workout regimen can really help your body composition. Can someone make sure I never cut my hair in that style again? Mkay, thanks. 

That's all for me! I'll keep chugging along and hopefully have another loss this Saturday.
Enjoy your week!

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  1. I am so in awe of your accomplishments. You are KILLING IT! You just keep looking tinier & tinier

  2. Fantastic work! Glad to hear about the lower abs - you're absolutely right, they help so much with fitness progression and reducing pain. It's always fantastic when you can see and feel results :D

    1. They really do! I've finally noticed a difference!