Thursday, August 25, 2016

Weekly Weigh-in #17

Well, it's definitely not Wednesday. I had a meeting at NC State Tuesday night and by the time I got home, a post just wasn't happening. Instead we get.... Weekly Weigh-in...Thursday? I'll just go with it. Welp, I had a gain. It was a for reals gain this time and I got back the .8 I lost the week before. More than anything I hate it when that happens because it's like three weeks of no progress. 

I'm not terribly surprised, and I actually think that the stupid MenoCare supplements messed with me. Then there was the great eating out of the week as well. I think we ate out all meals on Saturday, then dinner out on Thursday and Friday. I got the right supplements on Saturday morning after the gym and Sunday afternoon I weighed myself in the afternoon with some clothes on and had lost the .8. Wednesday morning I weighed sans clothing as soon as I woke up and I was 5 pounds less than my Jenny weigh. In the past my home scale was pretty close to Jenny scale, so I'm hopeful when I go on Friday morning after only 6 days. I'll see a good number. 

Workouts - (Last Week)
Saturday - Kev and I went to breakfast instead
Sunday - Run and Body Flow
Monday- Body Pump
Tuesday - Nope
Wednesday - Body Combat
Thursday - Sausage Party
Friday - Newsies

I was tired and didn't have much energy last week. (I still blame the supplements) but I did make it to the gym 3 times that week. I've already been 4 times this week, even though today might be my last before heading out of town. 

What I'm Eating this Week / Cheats

We went to breakfast at Raleigh Times on Saturday morning and I had the eggs that had bacon in them I probably ate 1/3 to 1/2 of it, the bacon was Kev's to go with the French Toast you see in the background. beautiful toast, not soaked in egg long enough though

The coffee was delish though.

Since we were in downtown Raleigh I made Kevin stop at Boulted Bread, which is just insane and amazing. He got some treat and a loaf of bread and I got this custard thing.

You were so good....

I went dress hunting this week and I swear I was everywhere, only to realize that I'm firmly in between sizes. I found this hella amazing dress at Belk but it was just too clingy in the hips and gut. If I weighted 7 pounds less you'd be mine.

I might go back and get it and let it sit for a few weeks.

I didn't have a "great" picture from this week instead, here's this one. My shoes are awesome though.

Alright, someone wish me luck Friday morning for a good weigh in! I'm going in a day early since I'm heading out of town for our anniversary get-away. A good weigh-in would give me some cushion for the eating that's about to happen. 

Have a great Thursday!!


  1. I hate how it gets to the point where its up & down & feels like no progress.
    & being in that in between sizes thing? UGGHHHH.
    Hoping for a big downward scale movement soon!

  2. You're still doing great and your net loss is amazing! :) Have lots of fun on your anniversary get-away!