Friday, July 28, 2017

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Recommendations

Didn't everyone and their mom do a post on their favorites from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? I think they did. I did a great job of starting my post and not finishing, so there's that. Kev is off playing tennis and the baby is unbelievably sleeping on the porch. (She's like 5 feet from me). Why unbelievable? Because this baby doesn't fricking nap during the day. Idk, I was under the impression that babies napped. Nope, not this one. She totally sleeps at night, sometimes 7-8 hours, so I'll take a decent night's sleep over day nap any day.

Alright, on to my Nordstrom Sale recommendations. Nordstrom has no idea I exist and I make $0 if you click on the links, so knock yourself out.

First up, I started this post during the Early Access portion of the sale. It's good only for card members, and Nordstrom is the only store credit card I have, for this reason alone. Early access before all the good shit gets gone.

The good news is that all of this has arrived and I can give you an honest review of it.

Billabong Hooded Thermal Cardiagn
I ordered this cardigan because 1. Stripes and 2.Black and white. Do I "need" another black and white striped thing? Probably not, it is the only striped cardigan I own? Hell no. But let me tell you, OMG THIS CARDIGAN IS THE BEST. I don't know what it is but I love it so much in all the loving places. The fit is great for me and the cozy factor is off the charts.

Main Image - Billabong Make Way Thermal Hooded Cardigan

Nordstrom Moto Washed Cotton Blend Leggings
I;ve been looking for a pair of moto leggings/pants for a while. I bought a pair of moto-esque jeans from Amazon a while ago and the black was sold out in my size. I got the blue and still check back periodically if they're back. This is them. Get them or the blue if they're your size.

Back to the leggings. I love these a lot. Like super a lot (your college degree at work right there). I struggle with the idea of wearing leggings to work. I love me some leggings but since I'm a people manager, I don't always feel it's right for me to be super casual. That being said, I'll probably wear these tomorrow.


Halogen Knit Moto Jacket
I want to love this jacket. I really do. It's black, it's a good cut for me, but it's running a little small. It fits well, but I'd like a little more room. On the other hand, I'm back on the JC train after eating my way through the last few months and WILL get to my goal weight!

On the fence, keep for now, but keeping the receipt
If I decide later to return it I will, heck, I saw a lady returning her husband's underwear there the other day. Yes, his UNDERWEAR. She said they "fell apart". Now, after being married for a few years, I expect all men's underwear to need replaced. It's not what you'd call an "investment piece

Calson Assymetrical Drape Jacket
I thought this was a cute alternative to the one above, but it was sold out in my size. :( If you wear an XL, give it a try and let me know if you like it!

Main Image - CaslonĀ® Asymmetrical Drape Collar Terry Jacket (Regular & Petite)

Calson Slim Cut Utility Pants
These I love. They have a good bit of stretch to them and they fit really, really well. I got the 29 which is a 10 and I think they run a hair bit large. I thought about returning for the next size down but I wanted to wear them now.

You know what goes with green pants? Black and white stripes. Try it, I swear you'll love it.

Main Image - CaslonĀ® Slim Utility Pants (Regular & Petite )

Calson Swing Back Tee
This shirt is really cute. Really it is, but it runs big. I ordered the medium and could have definitely used the small. I don't wear a small. Unfortunately this one went back


Zela High Waist Crop Leggings 
I didn't actually order these, but I have a lululemon pair almost exactly like these and I have a deep love for the mesh cutouts. I have a pair of Zela pants and they're pretty nice and hold up well.

Main Image - Zella Glam High Waist Crop Leggings

Tea Collection Romper
Did you really think I didn't get anything for the baby? I mean really?

Fun fact, I LOVE baby rompers, so, so much. Rompers with long pants are my favorite. And baby stripes? Heck yes. Kev, however is not a fan of lining up the snaps. I bought this in 3-6 months and expect her to fit into it in the fall.

Main Image - Tea Collection Mix Print Romper (Baby Girls)

Tea Collection Dress
I also got her this dress. ADORABLE. I got this in 6-12 months for the spring. Girlfriend is still really little. She 'just' got out of newborn clothes and she's 12 weeks today.

Main Image - Tea Collection Double Decker Dress (Baby Girls)
Those are my picks for the sale! Let me know if you try any of the pieces!

Before I go, I wanted to let you know about the super awesome deal going on until the end of the month. You all know I love me some GYPO fashion challenges and I've participated in quite a few of them. I'm an annual member this year, loved the Spring challenge, and summer started right as I got a baby so no playing for me.

Anyways, until the end of July you can get 50% off ALL style challenges with the promo code FIRSTTIME50. Even though the challenge is over, having access to the capsule wardrobe is amazing. I'm not good at mixing and matching the pieces in my closet and tend to wear the same thing over and over, these challenges have showed me how to better use what I already have.

I also love shopping with a purpose instead of aimlessly wandering the store.

Click the links below to check them out!
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