Monday, July 17, 2017

Thoughts on Raleigh Supercon

This weekend in Raleigh all the fandoms came together to celebrate their geekiness in one place, Supercon. Apparently there's a ton of money to be made at these things and a bunch of random people that you don't associate with being part of anything sci-fi can all come together, charge $30 for a selfie (cash only) smile, kiss some babies and leave with a little pocket money until the next gig rolls around. One of the people on my team at work goes to a LOT of cons and did some research. Most get a few grand for showing up, then all the selfie and autograph $. Not too shabby.

Seriously, there was the most random collection of "stars" that I'd ever seen. Old WWF wrestlers, one of the original Village People, some Power Rangers, one of the Doctor Who Companions, nearly everyone who was Clerks, the guy who voices Super Mario. (I mean really? Does he say anything other than MARIO!) THAT GUY, THAT GUY made several thousand dollars this weekend and people waited in line to get an autograph. Then a bunch of comic book illustrators, some cosplay people and a bunch of crap I've never heard of.

There were so many, so, so many sights to behold there and of course I had some thoughts.

 - There are far too many Harley Quins here. Really, some were well done, the rest, not so much. OK, most not so much.

 - Greg "the Hammer" Valentine, I loved me some WWF when I was a kid, really did, the late 80s/early 90s wrestlers were the best. But why does he have an enormous booth? Ric Flair I get, he can have a big booth, especially since he lives in NC and can be seen in the wild. But Greg? Come on dude, that's just a waste. AND! oh AND his assistant was a little person. So much awesome at once.

These guys didn't know each other before the con, met there and walked around taking pictures with people like me. That folks, is the beauty of Supercon, just a bunch of cosplaying wrestlers coming together.

- There was a huge line for someone in a corner booth.
Kev - Who's over there
Me - I think it's a Power Ranger
Guy Standing near me - NO, it's THE Power Ranger. He's been on the show since the beginning.
Me - Uh huh...
Power Ranger Super Fan - He was all the colors and had all the powers
Me - Wow! (starts backing away)
PRSF - And he was on this show and this show. (clearly I've forgotten what he said)
Me - Oh no! The baby is getting fussy, I'd better check her diaper, gotta go! Spoiler, the baby wasn't fussy nor was her diaper full.

 - Dante from Clerks! (and Clerks 2) Is he even supposed to be here today? (Chuckles to self) I should ask him that. I'm sure EVERYONE is asking him that and has for the last 20 years. In college we were huge Kevin Smith fans. Back when he filmed Dogma in Pittsburgh and we were pretty sure we could meet Ben Affleck at a bar. Well, you probably still could.

 - The original Cowboy from the Village People was there. Randy Jones. Apparently Randy is originally from Raleigh which is partially why he's here. Now days he looks a little more like the biker, for the event he wore his cowboy gear though. I really wanted to go talk to him, but there wasn't anyone else there and I was afraid it'd be impossible to break away if I got started. All I want to know is how he escaped the late 70s/ early 80s AIDS free. I'm totally not being a jerk, he was in THE VILLAGE PEOPLE at the height of the scene. It was nothing but parties and Studio 54 and the Village People were at the top of the party list. It's more than impressive. I mean, that's Rock Hudson/ Rent/ Freddy Mercury AIDS, not Magic Johnson AIDS.

 - Jay of Jay and Silent Bob fame! (again huge Kevin Smith fans back in the day). According to my con-loving team member, "Jason Mews should pay me to take his autograph, who would pay him?". Jason Mews was selling little bottles of what he was calling "Mews Juice". I didn't get close because I was scared to see what it was. Mews Juice could be so, so many things.
Update - It's apparently coffee flavored vape juice. Vom.

 - "Hacksaw" Jim Dugan was signing tiny pieces of 2x4s. Awesome.

- Hey Jimmy Walker from Good Times! One time I was in Atlantic City getting a sub and he was there getting a sub too. Another time at the same sub shop Guy Fieri was there too and everyone was losing their minds. It took forever to get my sub that day and they forgot to put the special flavor stuff on the side. I guess they were too excited about Guy. I didn't have that problem when Jimmy was in front of me. Just another reason for me to dislike Guy Fieri.

 - My cosplaying baby was the cutest thing there.

Finally they meet!

I had one goal at Supercon. One goal. To meet Levar Burton and have him read a book to my baby. I fricking LOVE Reading Rainbow! So, so much and Levar and Morgan would make my life.

Mission accomplished.

And that folks is the story of Raleigh Supercon. 


  1. I totally fan girl of the Reading Rainbow pic with your daughter. It doesnt get any better than that.
    I LOVE you found big Groot with your baby Groot.
    I want to go to one of these conventions so bad because I would EAT UP all the fun costumes.

  2. I have a Reading Rainbow Woot shirt that I'm very careful with since they no longer make them. I love it when people realize what the shirt is about.