Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Weekly Wednesday Weigh In #13

Meh, another slow week. It can definitely be frustrating when you don't even see a pound loss in 2 weeks. I looked over the week to see if I could figure out what was going on and if there was anything I could change.
1. I didn't sleep well this week. Especially on Saturday morning, I was super tired. For some reason I woke up several times each night last week to pee. Damn pee. I'm going to restrict my after 9pm beverage intake and see if that helps me stay asleep.
2. I ate most of my "limited free foods" this week. I know I "can" but I found myself falling into the habit of eating a hard candy there or a 25 calorie meringue there. It's within plan, and really only at extra 300-ish calories in a week, which is negligible. It's more the behavior. I don't "need" a candy treat. I'm not hungry. 

On Saturday night I definitely indulged and I'll see if it affects my weigh in this upcoming week. At least I have 6 days to work it off.

Saturday - Body Pump
Sunday - Run 2.2 miles, Body Flow
Monday- Body Combat
Tuesday - Rest - Kev and I went to dinner and played Pokemon
Wednesday - Body Combat
Thursday - Early Star Trek showing with Kev
Friday - Ladies Night

What I'm eating this week

This is what my Sunday morning breakfast looks like every week. Kev leaves for work, I go to Brueggers, get my coffee, come home and make my JC breakfast scramble. Usually scramble would imply that everything is mixed together, which it is, unless you like your potatoes separated, which I do. So I pick them out and cook them in the pan. Then I pit them on opposite ends of the plate because food can't touch.

I got a pretty decent side by side picture last week. I pulled out that polka dot shirt that I hadn't worm in a while. 

Timehop also gave me a picture from last year which was super helpful.  I'll be honest, the only reason why I downloaded Timehop was to get pictures from the past for my comparison shots.

I can see a little more definition in my waist from last year to this, which is nice. I also see that despite washing, that same crease is there. WTF? I've never noticed that before. 

Last week there were a few cheats. I had a hot dog for lunch on Saturday, an amazing dinner at Buku Saturday night, Subway on Sunday and dinner out on Tuesday. Like I mentioned earlier, I also had probably too many bites of things and candies, that were within my guidelines, probably weren't necessary.

I've cleaned it up a lot this week, here's hoping the scale reflects it!

The Wednesday Showcase


  1. I LOVE Bruegger's!! I used to work there so it holds a special place in my heart haha

    1. I love their coffee so much. The last 2 years I've gotten the Bottomless Mug for my birthday and it's literally the best thing ever.

  2. Girl, I hope you see the changes because they are AMAZING already!
    I have to watch it because an extra 300 calories will lead up to a full 1,300 extra calories if I let it slip.

    1. It's so true! A bite here and there will definitely add up. Hence my 45lb re-gain.

  3. Hooray for progress! Keep it up - that pic from Timehop is telling. Congratulations!