Wednesday, May 28, 2014

First WOD

Yesterday I went to my first non-foundations Cross-Fit class. I love being able to decipher the cross fit code. So, the WOD was an 8 minute AMRAP but the part I'm most excited about was the strength portion. For the back squats, he told us to go heavy and being new, I started with 2 10lb weights on a 35lb bar. Well, the other ladies added another 15 to each side. I squatted the 85 and then we decided to add 10 more to each side. For the last round it was 105! Holy Crap! I had a bar with 105lbs and I didn't fall over or die! I guess all those Body Pump classes really paid off.

I got to write my name in chalk AND I wasn't the worst one. NSV I tell you, non-scale-victories.

Afterwards I got home, showered and Kev and I headed to a local Lebanese restaurant around the corner. They were having a Tuesday night magician which is ... nice... I never thought to pair magic with hummus. Who knew. 

While we were sitting there, a skinny awkward guy wandered over and asked if we were enjoying our food. We were and he left. Then I see him pulling quarters out of some kid's ear. Seriously? I guess we didn't make the magical cut. Maybe one day we'll make the cut.

If you haven't already seen this, go now to Kickstarter and check out LeVar Burton's campaign to bring back Reading Rainbow. I grew up watching Reading Rainbow and know how much the program impacted me. I think it took less than 12 hours to meet the goal and every penny goes towards providing the gift of reading to children. Also, there are some pretty sweet rewards. For $400 LeVar will record your outgoing VM message. YES HE WILL. I can't even put this into words, kids get books and you get a voice mail. Worth. Every. Penny.

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