Saturday, May 31, 2014

No cookie so how about a koozie?

Each of my blogs have had some sort of cookie reference and 6 posts in, not a dang cookie here. I wanted to share one of my current favorites. It's no secret that I LOVE Trader Joe's and the plethora of delights in their stores. This is one of my all time favorites.

So light, summery and delicious and only 110 calories for 4 of them. I cry happy tears when I eat them.

Another reason I cry happy tears? This:

That would be candied Snickers bacon. Candied bacon with caramel and chocolate drizzle, topped with peanuts. I took a little bite and saved the rest for Kevin. He was a huge fan. It was seriously delicious. There's a little cafe around the corner from my work where I go sometimes to get breakfast. He's had candied bacon in the past and this day, candied snickers bacon. I couldn't resist. 

What else, Weds I skipped the gym in exchange for a little pool time. This past weekend we took a day trip to the beach and I decided not to bring a swim suit. I couldn't remember if there would be any place to change and didn't want to strip down in a rank gas station bathroom. In theory a good idea. The only downside? The unfortunate farmers tan I'm currently sporting,  so off to the pool I go to hopefully catch the last hour of sun. 

I still have the farmer's tan but enjoyed a relaxing hour pool side before heading home. 

So I grew up in the northern part of WV, fairly close to Pittsburgh and was pretty unfamiliar with koozies for the majority of my life. Sure we drank... beverages in cans... but I get down to NC and EVERYONE uses koozies. Go to the beach, koozies. poolside? koozies. Picnic? more koozies. Is it just a way to hide your beer while you watch the kids play at the pool? Because everyone at my community pool has a can of Bud Light in a koozie. 

If I think about it, I guess we just let the can sweat on out hands and wiped the wet on our shorts. Seriously though, have people been using koozies for 30 years and I just didn't know or is this a relatively new thing?

This time last year I had 0 koozies and several friends who were a little horrified by that fact. Thankfully my Kappa Delta Alumnae Chapter had a fundraiser and sold koozies. I went from 0 to 2 koozies. Then I got one at the beach, 2 more at a race and the next thing I know, I have a drawer full of koozies. I guess this is how it happens. #ididntchoosethekoozielifeitchoseme

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