Sunday, June 1, 2014

Running of the Bulls

Saturday morning I did the Running of the Bulls 8k in Durham. I'd thought about doing this race for the past few years but there always seemed to be something else going on that day. This time I was free and decided to give it a shot! This race is apparently known for the quality of the shirt. Huh, never heard that before, I mean, it's a nice shirt, and you certainly don't have to worry a bout not being seen. It might be the brightest yellow ever.

This one was a serious mental struggle. I don't know why but I just wasn't feeling it at 6am. Part of the problem was I wasn't looking forward to finding a place to park in Durham. In September I did the Bull City Race Fest, they had a 1/2 marathon and a 5 miler. I did the 5 and it was horrendous. It was also the first race I'd done in Durham. For some reason I stick to Raleigh. Any who. I left a little earlier and unbeknownst  to me, the GPS took me through the shady part of town. Honestly, I was a fan of the hood at 630am! Super quiet and no traffic. I got to the race and parked with plenty of time. Hit the port-a-potty and hung out until the start.

In the first mile I was contemplating not finishing. No reason, I just didn't feel like running. I've never had a DNF and wasn't intending to start now, especially since I was feeling good and wasn't injured. I had to stop and mentally re-check myself because that kind of attitude is ridiculous and won't get me anywhere. So I pushed those thoughts aside and kept going.

It was a nice course, not too hilly, until we got to mile 4, there was a piece that was straight uphill that seemed to go on forever. Thankfully it was a loop and we got to run down in in the end.

One of the many great signs.

We ended at the old Durham Bulls Stadium, ran into the stadium and around the track to the finish. It was definitely one of the better finish lines, we ran in to people in the stands cheering which was pretty cool.


I came up to the finish and was pissed because the clock said 1:01 something and I knew I had a better race than that. After spending most of last year injured I've been slowly working my way back. I knew I didn't have a PR in me that day but I can run an 8k in under an hour.

I was still cranky as I made my way out of the stadium when I got a text message with my time. 57:52. What? Then I looked down at my watch and saw..

Ok, now I feel much better. My 8k PR is 55:something and I knew I couldn't be that far off.

The end was odd, you crossed over the  line and had to find the man to scan your bib, hence the difference between the official time and mine.

And apparently I was really consistent, except for the walking and the hill at mile 4. I'm usually all over the place with my time so this was pretty nice to see.

All in all a really nice race, I'd definitely do this one again. The rest of the day was spent at the Farmer's Market getting produce for my 21 Day Purification Cleanse and relaxing at the pool. I'm still working on that unfortunate tan from the beach.

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