Sunday, June 29, 2014

21 Day Detox Recap

It's been a little over a week since I completed the 21 Day detox and I'm finally getting around to sharing my thoughts.

Fist of all, this was by far the most challenging detox / diet program I've ever attempted. The first  days was especially difficult, only being able to eat fruits and vegetables. After 3 days I started to hate quinoa, like really, really hate quinoa. I wanted it to be rice and it just wasn't. No amount of clarified butter, salt or pepper made it delicious. Now, I'm sure that everyone has an amazing, life-changing, quinoa recipe, and that's awesome for you. I will continue to turn my nose up at the thought of it. blegh...

By day 8 I had to add in some protein. I couldn't last the last 2 days. In my defense my doctor said that I could eat protein during the entire detox but would have better weight loss results if I followed the plan exactly. I couldn't look at another lentil after 8 days and I've never been so happy to eat a piece of chicken in my life.

In the end, I made it 19 days, mainly because I was traveling up north for Kev's reunion and eating on plan just wouldn't be possible.

Thoughts on the process: It's not easy. The first 10 days is really restrictive and if you aren't terribly creative with vegetables, like me, there will be a lot of eating the same old thing. Also, dry salads with no protein are super difficult to eat after a while. (Like after day 3). Adding back in the protein really helped, I can eat meat/fish and some sort of vegetable every meal, and I didn't really miss the dairy. I also added decaf coffee with coconut milk on day 14 and it was glorious.

Results: I definitely lost weight and inches. I didn't weigh myself before the process but based on the way my clothes fit, I would estimate that I lost between 6-8 pounds. I wasn't doing it specifically for weight loss but that certainly was a nice side effect.

Fitness: I didn't work out the first week, simply because I was really tired as my body adjusted to the lack of sugar and caffeine. I went back to the gym in week 2 and felt really good. The biggest difference I noticed was in my running ability. I did the Komen 5k during the detox and ran a few times and felt amazing. Since my return to running at the beginning of the year I've felt really slow and sluggish and haven't since the detox. During the 5k I saw a sub 10 minute mile for the first time in 18 months and when was running in NY at a casual pace it was in the low 10s and that just hasn't been me, ever. It might not all be a result of the detox but I really think it helped.

What happens next? Well my transition away from the detox kinda sucked since I was away and finding approved food was difficult. Since I've been home, I'm back to a modified detox. I am drinking caffeinated coffee with a little bit of half and half, and will continue with 1-2 smoothies a day. Mainly because I still have an entire container of the protein powder and that -ish wasn't cheap. I'm trying to stay away from grains and am watching my fat intake, especially since I think that I was under counting my cheese and nut consumption. Honestly though, when I eat this way my stomach feels better. I have less pain and that's always a good thing.

Would I do it again? Probably. I really liked the results and I'm stubborn. Once I start something, I want to finish, no matter how difficult.

Have you ever done a detox? How did it go?


  1. I've done 3 day cleanses but never for 21 days. I don't think I would make it without coffee though. Glad it had positive results or you.

    1. No coffee was definitely the hardest part! Discovering that I could have decaf with coconut milk was life changing. :)

  2. Thanks Lauren! It definitely wasn't easy. I'm not sure that I would do this one again. Maybe another plan but I need more food options. The 21 day sugar detox was way easier than this one!