Friday, June 20, 2014

Five on Friday

I was perusing blogs today and I stumbled across 5 on Friday. I've seen a lot of people doing things that started with Fs today. Like Fitness Friday and Follow Friday  and all sorts of other things, generally in groups of 5. I thought, cool, I can think up five things to chat about. Then I saw this link where you could share. Sure! 

One - I've only worked out once this week. Well 2x if you count the 5k I ran on Saturday. I know, poor baby. I have a small obsession with trying different gyms, either through intro classes or Groupon. I'm out of Groupons and one of my favorite boutique gyms closed. :( I do have my regular membership to Fitness Connection but meh. I need to find something new, especially since running outside isn't happening. 90+ degrees and a running Lara isn't a good thing.

Two - I've gotten really uncreative this last week of detox. Seriously, I don't want to make anything and I'm tired of a dry salad. Instead I've eaten 3 rotisserie chickens since Saturday. I swear, if I see a chicken in the next week I might just lose my -ish.

Three - My Bon Jovi Pandora station has been on POINT yesterday and today. Nothing but glorious, glorious hair metal. It just tried to throw in some O'Jays. WTH? How does that go with Bon Jovi? It took me a while but it finally stopped playing Bryan Adams. Ugh, they're not the same. Nope.

Four - I HATE mushy foods. Seriously, all mushy food. I didn't eat mashed potatoes until my junior year of college. I don't do yogurt, pudding, jello, no creamy sauces either. They're all disgusting.

Five - I have a small obsession with Sylvester Stallone. OK, maybe not that small. Rocky 4 is the greatest movie of all time and I'll watch anything he's in. I really can't help myself.

What about you? What are your five facts?

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