Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday Link Up Party!

It's Friday already! I guess it happens pretty quickly when you're off the first 3 days of the week and spend the last 2 tying up loose ends. 

Today I'm linking up with Cupcakes and Crossbones and her Co-host, Wifesticated for a Link Up Party! I love these hops, it gives me a chance to find new bloggers and hopefully for them to find me! If you're not visiting from the link up, be sure to to shoot over to Cupcakes and Crossbones and give her some love!

Last Friday I did a 5 on Friday post and I really liked that format. Mainly because it's only 5 things and it limits my ramblings. Without further adieu, 5 things I'm loving on.

1. This oil diffuser!

save image

I have been looking for a while for an affordable diffuser to use with my doTerra oils and for $25, I couldn't pass this one up. You pour some water into the container, add a few drops of oil, plug it in and let it go. I swear, one of the best parts for me is that it lights up and turns colors, like fades between all the colors of the rainbow. I can't stop staring at it. Kev saw it on the table and immediately asked what I was poisoning him with. Sigh, now to find an oil that mitigates paranoia. But really, go to and pick one up. Definitely worth it.

2. Cashewtopia - Your first thought might be, WHY??? But when regular ice cream makes you and those around you sad, you find an alternative. I busted this open last night and it was REALLY GOOD. The consistency is very similar to ice cream and has a slightly nutty aftertaste. I got mine at Whole Foods, it's definitely worth picking up!

3. COFFEE!!! - Oh coffee, I missed you. I might have moaned loudly in the Charlotte airport on Saturday after I took my first sip of coffee after almost 3 weeks. This morning I stopped at Breuggers for my morning coffee and all the workers asked if I was OK because they hadn't seen me in a while. At least I know that if I get trapped in my house someone will come looking for me. Apparently it will be my coffee dealer. BTW, Breuggers' Coconut coffee is back for the summer! It's seriously delicious.

4. Zebra Fine Point Blue Pens - I love pens. Absolutely love pens but I'm very specific about the type. I only like fine point and only blue pens. I feel my writing is more attractive with a fine point rather than a medium point. Yes, I have issues and I'm choosing to embrace them. This is my very most favorite pen in the entire word. I wouldn't go so far as to say that this pen changed my life but I definitely had what might be called a religious experience the first time I used one.
5. Black Nail Polish - Because I just can't stop. I try to go with another color but I keep going back to the darks. Black, purple, green, you name it. Last week I went to the nail salon for a gel manicure and had picked out an orangey color. My nail lady said, "that's not you" aaaaannnnnddddd I went with black. My toe nails are black too (thankfully on purpose and not from running!)

(Not my nails but pretty close to the color I'm currently wearing)

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So those are the 5 things I'm loving this week! How about you, what are you obsessed with this week??


  1. hey pretty lady! Thanks for linkin up, you rock! I've been looking for a good inexpensive oil diffuser as well and I think i might have to check that one out. P.S. I don't know what I would do without coffee in my life!

  2. Hahaha, I've missed my coffee so much. You know you have a problem when Breuggers was truly concerned about you. lol. And I'm a huge fan of that diffuser. I was looking at those smaller ones as well, I think they would be great for the kitchen.

  3. Here from the link up on Wifesticated's page. I love the 5 on Friday idea! I have learned a lot from your 5 on Friday - oil diffuser…? I need to get with the times, I had no idea such a thing existed! The cashewtopia sounds absolutely amazing! I love coffee as well and the pic to go with it made me burst out laughing! I also like a good nail polish! Now, for the pen - I felt like I was reading my own words! You've perfectly described how I feel when I find a really good quality fine point BLUE pen! In that one paragraph you've become my new favourite person!