Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Day Baba Ganoush Saved My Life

I'm not going to lie, this detox has been TOUGH. Before I started I thought the lack of coffee would do me in and I was really surprised that wasn't the case. I usually don't eat a ton of carbs, especially after I did the 21 day sugar detox in February so losing that wasn't terrible. It was the protein. I don't think about the amount of protein I eat on a daily basis and when you take it away, it's not easy. Yes the detox allows for protein in the shakes and in the form of lentils and quinoa but that's about it. Most meals look a lot like this.

A few days this week, I had stir fry vegetables mixed with quinoa. Let me tell you, this day, I forgot to add flavor when I packed it up in the morning. I had salt and pepper at work but seriously, I would have killed for some butter. Yes, I can have grass-fed, un-salted butter.

I was getting pretty tired of stir fry and decided to head over to Whole Foods and see what they had in the prepared case. They usually have some sort of vegan dish that I might be able to eat. I did find some cabbage salad that was pretty tasty and I tried a Suja Green Juice. Since I was still on a quest for food I didn't have to prepare,  went to a Lebanese restaurant around the corner. I knew that hummus was out of the question but was hoping there was something that would work. 

I almost cried when I realized all the ingredients in Baba Ganoush were detox approved! Since then.

I even took some on a container to the movies last night. I'm on a quest to sneak in the most ridiculous things into the movie theater. This time it was baba ganoush, baby carrots, an apple and a seltzer water. Kev is still leading the way with an apple pocket from Cheesecake Factory. 

We saw the X-Men movie and can I just thank the producers for the gratuitous naked butt shot of Hugh Jackman? Thank you....

I'm also currently taking bets on how long it will take me to get through this 5 pound bag of baby carrots and a pound of baba ganoush.

Confession time. I slipped and had some protein. I know I'm not supposed to until day 11 and the doctor did say that I could have protein in the first 10 days but I'd see a more significant weight loss if I didn't. I was doing well until Friday night. We were busy at a concert all evening and even though I tried to pack food, I was starving, at a bar and I slipped and had a chicken salad. Let me tell you, I ate every last bit of that chicken and it was DELICIOUS. Tonight on day 7 I had some grass fed fillet and it was awesome too. I know it's a bit sooner than planned but I was having trouble stomaching another salad. Apparently eating nothing but carrots and baba ganoush for diner doesn't quite cut it. I'm seriously counting down the days to Thursday when I will eat ALL THE MEAT (and fish)

The exercise has been pretty non-existent this week and I'm excited to get back into the gym. I have Body Pump class scheduled tomorrow night and I can't wait to get back to lifting again.

This week has also been pretty busy with things I can't quite yet share but I'm super excited about what's coming soon! Off to watch the Tony's!

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