Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day festivities

My parents have been visiting us for the last few days and I might have worn them out just a bit. My mom wanted to find present for grandma so I figured a trip to the outlet mall was in order. Kev and dad decided to go to the YMCA instead. I'm all for getting a good sweat on but when it's between the outlets and a treadmill, the choice is pretty clear.

I haven't mentioned yet, but I have a "problem" with stripes. I love them. Like looooooove them like my fat kid self loves some cake. This is what I found at Banana Republic (50% off!) and yeah, they're all stripes. I ended up taking home the dress on the left and the yellow and gray shirt on the bench. :) Mom hit up the QVC store and we headed home.

After we got back I'd planned to go to Crossfit at 430. Put on my gym clothes, headed over and they were closed. :/ Apparently they were only open for the 8 and 9am classes. I'm working off a month long Groupon there and had no idea the times were different. I checked my Fitness Connection app and saw that all of the classes at all the locations were canceled as well. Double grumble. Yes, I have a membership at Fitness Connection and routinely buy and use fitness Groupons. It's really a great way to try out new work outs and if you don't like it, you aren't stuck. I really enjoy Crossfit but not the price tag. 

Any who, that left me a few options 1. Go for a run in the 90 degree heat, 2. Take the dog for a walk 3. Hose off my bike and take it out for a spin.

If I've ridden my bike 2x since we moved into this house 4 years ago, I'd be surprised. But hay, I take spin classes and I was a bike MASTER as a kid. It's gotta be just like.... wait for it.... RIDING A BIKE. Even though it's been years and years I still push the pedals backwards to try and get the bike to brake. Then I panic and squeeze the handlebars. This isn't my pink Huffy. 

This is.

 Instead I rode my bike around the neighborhood all the while cursing how this was nothing like spin class. Then I wondered if I really had to get a different bike to do a triathlon. I could get clip pedals and a basket, put my running shoes and some snacks in there and be good to go.

After a while I ended up at one of the community pools which was a good thing considering I was a little lost and know my way back from there.

Found the key to  my old house. I really should ride my bike more frequently.

Afterwards, quick shower and out to dinner. We went to a taproom around the corner from my house and it was surprisingly good.

They had a Pittsburgh salad! I happen to prefer the Pittsburgh chicken salad which has grilled chicken and cheddar cheese instead of steak and bleu. I thought hard about asking to convert it into the chicken version. Really hard, but definitely next time. Yes, in Pittsburgh we put fries on everything. Sandwiches, salads, you name it, fries make it better.

All in all a relaxing day, time to close out the 4 day weekend and get back to reality on Tuesday!

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