Wednesday, September 30, 2015

What I did last weekend and some packing!

I mentioned things have been a little wacky round these parts recently. Last week at work was quite insane. A big part of the reason being that we finalized plans for me to go over to our UK office and do some training of their Associates!

I've mentioned before that I manage the junior sales people for my company but in my past life I was a Sales Trainer. Well, I created the program I use to train my people and the UK is adopting a similar set up. Guess who's going over to do the training?? Yep, this gal. Oh, did I mention that I leave on Sunday? AHHHHHH...

In addition to leaving for Scotland, yes, I'll be in Edinburgh for a week, Kev and I already had plans to head up to Pittsburgh to see a Steelers game. Yes, I go to Pittsburgh tomorrow morning, then Sunday fly to Newark then on to Edinburgh. A few days of training, a little sight seeing and on home I go! Oh, and when I get back I have 2 new people starting that day. I've got a lot of -ish to get done before I go.

This past weekend was spent getting a bunch of things together and trying to figure out what the heck to pack.

Friday night Kev and I went to Brasa, it's a Brazilian steakhouse where they bring round all sorts of meats on sticks. I'm really picky about my meat and only eat it if it's half a step above mooing. OK, not really a half step, it should moo. Most normal people want their meat cooked so I pass on a lot of the skewers and make the gauchos sad. They never know what to do with me. It's really simple, get your raw meat, run it though a fire for a minute and give it to me. It was really fine though, I had a 10 mile run in the morning and a belly full of last night's meat and a 2+ hours of running does not a happy Lara make.

I got up Saturday morning and was really concerned that it was going to rain. Thankfully it held off. I went with the run club and we did 10.16 miles. I guess it made up for being short last week but dangit, I like nice even run numbers. We even did an out and back, we could have turned around at exactly 5 miles but nooooo.

When I got to the store, I didn't have my Garmin. I left it at home... No lie, I almost turned around and went home to get it. I need to have a record of my run! Sadly my phone only had a 20% charge and the Nike app wasn't going to last that long. Instead I ran "naked".

The run was fine, a little wet but fine. We left from the North Raleigh store and that's my hood. Ran down Six Forks,m out the Greenway, turned around and back. It's the Greenway I run all the time so I knew exactly where we were which was really helpful.

Got home, showered and laid on the couch and asked Kev to bring me things.

The last few days I've been experimenting with milk and seeing if it gave me intestinal distress. So far so good! I tried the Graham Latte and I like it a LOT better than the #PSL. Non-fat, extra, extra hot and only 1.5 pumps of the juice. A grande would normally get 4 pumps which is insane. 1.5 is plenty for me.

What else,  went to Whole Foods (shocker) and got this peanut brittle. Take a closer look there... I see like 2 peanuts. 

I think there's a peanut in the corner by my nail.

Sunday was, you guessed it, errand day! and laundry day!!! One good thing about the Sunday after a long run, no pressure to work out. Nada.

I needed to go to Target and find a neck pillow (they were out) and to Trader Joe's to get some Kind and Quest bars. I need handy snacks just in case, while I'm at the office in Edinburgh. I'll be training most of the day and I'm sure they'll feed me during the day, but in case it's gross or something I can't eat, Kind bar to the rescue! Vega bars saved me at Convention when the lunch food was gross.

I started packing for my trips and that's about it! 

I'm going to work on getting some posts ready for when I'm away. I might be able to churn out a post or two while I'm away but yeah, don't count on it. lol. I'm going to enjoy my time instead of typing on a computer. 

See you all in a week and a half!

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  1. How exciting, what a fun trip that will be! Wow 10 miles, way to go! Sounds like you've been super busy!

    1. Holy Cow, so stinking busy. I knew that September / October was going to be crazy, just not THIS crazy.

  2. So true! If I wasn't with a group I would have turned around. And YES, 4 pumps! I think the talls have 3 and the Ventis have 6. I'm that person who always asks what they put in the drinks and how many pumps of everything.

  3. Scotland was AWESOME. So nice there and I was super touristy. It was fantastic. Sadly I'm now back to reality and all the things that piled up while I was away. Like employee reviews. Oops