Wednesday, May 4, 2016

What I ate Wednesday

How is your week going? My week is going pretty well. Last week was definitely a little rough, I just didn't have a lot of energy, I was kinda tired and hungry. I'm assuming I was in some sort of transition period and my body was getting used to the change in nutrition. Yesterday and today have been much better. I have my energy back and I don't want to eat my face all the time. I knew it would happen eventually, and I'm glad it finally did.

Alright, I see people post pictures of everything they ate over the course of a day and I'm like, OMG, how interesting, because I'm a creep and like to see what people eat. I decided to give it a shot and let me tell you, remembering to take pictures of all your food is fricking hard. I'd eat the last bite and realize I hadn't taken a picture. 

I started off the day with good intentions and took a picture of what I packed to bring to work. This is breakfast, snack, lunch and snack.
Artsy food...

Breakfast Monday was a Mediterranean Egg sandwich, I ate it around 830am. It was an egg white with some veggies mixed in and a little piece of cheese. Looking at the pic, the bun is a little burnt, but it was still good. This is a new to me Jenny food and I liked it. I love me a nice breakfast sandwich and now Jenny has 3 of them. yay.
Remember, toast ALL the buns. And taking a bite makes your pic artistic AF.

The meal plan recommends that you eat the breakfast food, have 1 milk serving and 1/2 a fruit. I actually like to save those for a little later in the day.

Around 11ish, I ate an anytime bar and my 1/2 fruit serving. The anytime bar counts as a milk and since I really don't like milk, it's a handy substitute. They have a new crunchy bar with peanut butter and chocolate chips that I've gotten the last 2 weeks and is super tasty. In yet another odd twist, yea, plenty of soy in that bar, no pain for Lara. Stupid.
OK, this is a picture from today. I had grapes as my 1/2 fruit.

This is where you can pretend to see a picture of my lunch. With lunch you have the meal, 2 cups of a leafy veggie and a fat serving. When I was on Jenny last time, I did carrots for my lunch veggie and dipped them in dressing for my fat. You can also substitute 6-7 almonds for the fat serving and skip the dressing. 

Monday I had a southwest  chicken bowl with rice, beans, chicken, corn and other assorted veggies. Again, new to me and super tasty. I also had some baby carrots and southwest ranch dressing to dip them in. I ate this around 145 because I was in a meeting that ran late. I also ate a plate of dry salad (no cheese, croutons, dressing or meat) in the meeting. Since veggies are free foods, it was no biggie. 

Around 430pm it's time for another snack, generally it's just a fruit, but I saved my milk serving from breakfast until later in the day because I knew I'd be eating dinner late. I really hate milk products and have been trying to choke something down. I hate, hate, hate yogurt, but I did discover this new whipped yogurt and it's not bad! The texture is what always does me in and this one I can handle. I don't do well with dairy milk and can only eat one every few days, but this was a good find. I also had an apple for my final fruit serving, but when I cut into it, it was bad. Fruit fail.

Unpictured, me eating this wit a fork because I didn't want to find a spoon.

After work I got a haircut. I swear she cut 5 inches off the back and it feels SOOOO much better. I get into ruts where I'll let my hair grow and grow then one day get sick of it and do something stupid like have a random lady at Super Cuts give me a new style. This time I learned. I had an appointment at my salon with my lady on Friday, decided I HAD to do it Monday and thankfully the salon was able to hook me up with another very capable lady. So much better.

 I got home after 7pm and whipped up the spaghetti and meatballs, which is one of my favs. I love a nice meatball and yes, this is a Jenny Craig meatball, but when it's the only meatball you've got, it's pretty damn good. I had some leftover zucchini "noodles" that I mixed in to give it more volume.
I also added a little Parmesan cheese and used one of my Limited free foods. Nom.

My after dinner snack was my first giant Jenny fail. hey recently introduced hummus and crackers as a snack and I gave it a go last night. Gross, just gross. It was a big thumbs down from me, so much that I didn't even take a picture of it. There was something about the way it was packaged that make me think of cat food. 

Before I go, I got these Hunter boots on end o' year clearance and I love, love, love them. It's going to be rainy all week and I finally get to wear them!

Enjoy the rest of the week!

What was your last food fail?

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  1. i'm the same with my hair - i let it grow and it starts to annoy me then i force myself to get a haircut!