Monday, May 9, 2016

Weigh-in Week 2

I'm gonna try something different this time, instead of smooshing my weigh ins and weekend, in the same post, I'm going to make them separate and talk about what worked, what didn't, my workouts, any cheats, and a selfie to track progress..

Another week, another weigh in. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen that I lost 2.0 pounds this week for a total of 4.8. Yea, apparently I lost 2.8 last week instead of 2.5. 

I'm definitely a little disappointed that I still haven't seen a big initial loss. Like I said, the last time, I had a 6lb first week loss then it consistently went down every week after that. I keep thinking that I should see a 6 or 4lb loss and I haven't. I was lamenting that I hadn't seen a big initial drop, Kevin reminded me that it might be that I'm just not retaining a lot of water. Most initial big drops are from the initial water weight and maybe I just don't have all that much?

He reminded me that I used to be mushy and now I'm not. I think I weigh about the same in these 2 pictures.

If I ever say I want to cut my hair short again, someone show me this picture and slap me.

I think that's why I was shocked to see I gained as much as I did. I don't look like that lady in the picture. I just don't. Yes these pants are stretchy and the shirt is flowy, but these are size 10 pants and a med shirt. I must have some killer muscles under my fat.

Even though I'm a little disappointed, I know the program will work for me, it did for 50 pounds and can do it again. I just have to stay focused.

Saturday - Body Pump
Sunday - Body Flow
Weds - Boot Camp

I definitely think I could have done better in this area. Sat and Sunday I was feeling pretty rough, I just didn't have a lot of energy and I was hungrier than I should have been. Thankfully something switched on Monday and my energy was back and I didn't feel like I wanted to eat my face all the time. Now that I've turned the corner, I think I can start incorporating in some harder workouts.

I ate off plan 1 day, but it was pretty close to what I would have been able to eat. We went out for steak on Saturday night and I had about 4 oz of prime rib. Then I had truffled cauliflower and some other veggie I can't remember. I didn't eat my lunch fat and was planning on not eating dessert and having wine instead. I didn't really like the wine and since we ate kinda early, I new I'd want my dessert later, so no wine. I'm sure I went over on my fats but it wasn't terrible. If we're going to eat out, I like doing it on Saturday and giving myself an entire week to make it up.

I also think I had 1 tortilla chip on cinco de mayo, 1x I had an extra fruit because I was hungry at night and one day I had a small piece of cheese. All in all, not terrible and enough to get a 2lb loss.

Oh, I've been posting more on Instagram recently because I like looking at other people loosing weight and what they eat. I changed my "name" to LarasLosingAgain. I needed a new name, it was time. I was trying to decide what it should be and I kept coming up with the phrase "goes down" or "Lara Goes Down", which I realized sounded more like a porno than a weight loss feed. At least I came up with a better idea.

My "week" starts on Saturday so I'm already 2 days in as I type this, but I think I'm off to a good start, here's to another loss this week! Wish me luck!

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  1. it's a slow process but remember - slow and steady wins the race. when i stopped focusing on the weight and started focusing on how amazing i was *feeling*, things were much better for me and by the time i remembered to look in the mirror and the scale, i was surprised at what i saw and i legit thought: where'd all the fat go??

    that slump you felt is normal - it's your body adjusting but now that you've turned the corner, that bad food is out of your system and you're ready to take on more workouts, you're going to feel amazing!

  2. "reminded me I used to be mushy"... oh, only the love of our lives can do that :)
    Any loss is a good loss - right? :)

    1. Exactly, lol. He can say that I used to be mushy, because her was right. lol. Any loss is good, I think I'm more impatient this time around and I need to stop.

  3. You'll make it! I had a set back this week and it's been rough trying to keep the mindset, but I'm forcing myself to get to the gym today after work and I know that once I do, I'll feel better for it. Keep trucking!

    1. THANK YOU! Yea, It can be super tough to get to the gym after work, especially when other things come up or you leave late. I wish I could wake up at 5am and get it done but I can't function that early in the morning.