Tuesday, September 13, 2016

"Nacho" Mama's Fajitas

Y'all know it's me and my Jenny Craig food for the foreseeable future. It's totally fine and I really like eating their food because 1. I can't really cook and 2. When left to my own devices I'll at the same thing for 4 days in a row. Jenny actually provides plenty of variety in my diet and if I really want something they don't offer, I'll figure out a way to fit it in. I even had 1/2 a bagel and some egg whites after my run Saturday with my consultant's blessing. But I'm not here to talk about that. Today it's all about the nacho.

Recently Jenny introduced the "Chicken Street Taco" and I cried tears of happiness, because tacos are life. The tacos are like traditional street tacos and each taco has 2 corn tortillas. I guess this is a thing, I always got flour tacos. But 4 corn tortillas and chicken taco filling opens up a whole new world of experimentation. One of my favorite JC foods was a Chicken Fajita that was discontinued and I decided to pay homage to it's greatness, but in nacho form.

JC also happens to be having a recipe contest and "Nacho" Mama's Fajitas was born. I didn't see a disclaimer that I shouldn't post it, so here you go!

1. Take the Chicken Street Tacos and heat them in the microwave for 1 minute. Scoop the filling out of the tortillas and put it in a separate container.

2. Cut each of the tortillas into 4 quadrants. Spray with a little cooking spray and sprinkle with some salt. Place in a single layer on a pan and put in the toaster oven on "toast" until lightly browned.

lightly browned

3. While the tortillas are crisping, chop the peppers and onions into small pieces and saute in a pan until cooked. I was lazy and steamed them in the microwave for 2 minutes, then put them in the pan. Otherwise, it's like 10 minutes to cook some peppers and onions on the stove. 

4. When that's all ready and the tortillas are crunchy, it's time to assemble that -ish! 

5. Move the tortillas to a heat resistant plate. Spread the warmed chicken over the nachos.

6. Top it with the peppers and onions

7. Add your cheese! OK, cheese is kinda not on the JC plan as an extra, BUT, there is a line in the JC book that says that if you're lactose intolerant, you can sub one of your milk servings for an ounce of cheese or some lean meat. I've never liked milk and I hate yogurt so I've been eating a light cheese stick every day for my milk. It's apparently just fine because I've lost 26 pounds. Because I knew I wanted cheese, I saved my milk serving and used 1/4 cup of FF Cheddar Cheese for dinner.

8. Sprinkle on top and put back in the toaster oven on "broil" until it's all melty and yum. My plates are oven safe, so I threw the whole thing in there.

9. Chop up some lettuce or buy a bag of the shredded stuff and put it on top of your nachos!

10. Serve with all the salsa you want, because it's a free food!


11. Enjoy!

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  1. I'm all about mexican food!!! What exact food spray did you use on them? I need to do this!!
    I just bought a bundle of corn tortillas - I'd love to make my own chips.

    1. I used Trader Joe's butter flavored canola spray. I just use a quick spritz, but you could use PAM too. I used to use spray butter but it gives me a stomach ache now. lol And it totally works and is delicious!

  2. I could eat mexican food all day every day, just as my boyfriend. Ohhh I want, I want!

    1. I LOVE mexican food, Kev, not so much. I could eat it every day!

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