Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Weekly Weigh-ins #18 and #19

Hi all! I hope you had a lovely Labor Day weekend! I don't know about you, but Labor Day is the official start of Fall for me. I know that it's going to be 90 degrees next week but I'M STILL TRANSITIONING TO FALL. DAMN YOU WEATHER.

On to the weight loss thing. For week #18 I weighed in a day early because I was flying to DC to meet Kev for our anniversary weekend. I was expecting a big loss and it delivered!

YASSSS -4.4! I knew I had a big one in there!

I really didn't do anything differently. I knew that I'd been putting in the work and not seeing results, but that it would show up eventually and it did! I also knew that I didn't really deserve the +.8 gain I'd had the week before. I'd been weighing myself at home so I knew it was coming, but I loved seeing it on the JC scale and the shock on my consultant's face!

After eating my way though DC and only eating JC the last 3 days? I'll take a +.2.

Week #18
Saturday - Body Pump
Sunday - Body Flow no run
Monday - Combat
Tuesday - CAB meeting at NCSU
Wednesday - Combat
Thursday -  Hair and Nails
Friday - DC!

Week #19
Saturday - Walked 15,358 steps
Sunday - Walked 16,898 steps
Monday - Walked 19,951 steps
Tuesday - Drive home
Wednesday - Combat
Thursday - Body Pump
Friday - Nope

Leading up to my week 18 weigh-in, I was pretty much on point. Kev was out of town, so I ate my JC food and went to the gym. In DC I knew that I wasn't going to go to the hotel gym or anything like that, and I was hopeful the steps I walked throughout the day would make up for all the delicious food I was eating. 

Notice that there was 0 running the last 2 weeks. Le Sigh. I kinda forgot to run. Even though running every week is one of my August goals and I have a 5k coming up on the 10th. That's the 5k that's usually full of sadness after not running all summer. Thankfully I'm in a much better place running wise this year than last. I also discovered that while yes, I definitely lost some running fitness, a lot of it was from getting fat again. You'd be surprised how much quicker you get when you aren't hauling an extra 25 pounds around. 

What I'm eating this week
I've got 2 posts coming about all the food I ate in DC. Such food... Instead last week was a happy day because Jenny Craig released some new food! Sadly my beloved egg burrito seems to have left for a while. If I'd have known that, I would have stocked up. Now I'm burrito-less. 

But they did come though with a new Chicken Street Taco! OH HAPPY DAY! I LOVE TACOS.

The tacos are double wrapped, so you get 4 total corn tortillas, there's plenty of chicken mix in there and you can easily add more veggies, some salsa and make it into 4 tacos. So much food and they're really flipping good. And I love tacos. 

I get at least 2 packs each week. Hmmm.., I could probably make some kick-ass nachos too.

Week 18

Week 19
This was my "tribute to Hamilton because I can't get tickets in NYC" shirt/trip. My shirt says "I am Inimitable I am an Original." if you get that reference, we can be besties.

Week 19 gets a hotel room selfie because I thought I looked smaller in my jorts and t-shirt. I realized on this trip that I have next to no decent summer clothes, just a bunch of t-shirts and maybe 2 pairs of shorts. 1. I didn't want to buy larger sizes that I wouldn't need next summer and 2. I don't really need to have more than 2 weekend outfits. Yea, I have dress up dinner clothes, but on the weekend, I'm generally in exercise clothes and after work, I'm in exercise clothes. Maybe I'll think about it for next year. In the mean time, I'm ready to transition to all things fall!!

Ummm... I met 0 of these goals. I lost 5.4 pounds, thanks to my massive -4.4 which saved me at the last minute. Then I forgot to run the last 2 weeks of the month. In my defense, the last goal was based off the Apple Watch and at that time my Active Calorie Goal was set at 590 calories per day, which I can't achieve if I don't go to the gym. After all day at work, even if  I walk the dog and run errands, I can't get there. As everything evened out over the last month, I adjusted the goal to 530 calories per day and sometimes I can get there if I don't make it to the gym. Generally I'll hit it 5 days a week, which isn't terrible. I can't physically go to the gym every day, and hitting that goal 90% of the time just isn't happening. 

What about September??

I'm going to keep my goals pretty much the same. I'd be thrilled if I lost 6 or more pounds this month. Losing 9 pounds puts me back into 90% of my clothes. Then the fun starts. :) Hopefully I can maintain this momentum and get to 1st goal by the end of the year. 

That's all for me! Here's to another great week!


  1. I love when we hit ZERO goals, we keep making them - its all about moving on & trying again.

    1. I've been struggling a little with the goals. I make them but they don't really motivate me, they're more like reminders of things I should do. There's value in having them, but I might need to switch them up for October.

  2. Congrats on the big loss for week 18! That's exciting :) Which 5k are you running this month?

    1. Thanks! I was pretty excited to see that number too! I did the North Hills 5k on the 10th and the next one is October 8th when I do the Gigi's Cupcake 5k. You get a shirt, medal and CUPCAKE!