Monday, February 16, 2015

I'm just not a fan of Valentine's Day

Is everyone staying warm? I really can't believe all of the crazy wind chills I'm seeing all over the news and Facebook. I love my Northern family and friends but there is no. way. I would EVER move back there. Nope nope nope...

They're calling for wintery mix and 1-3 inches of snow Monday night into Tuesday. If that happens, Raleigh will close down for 3 days. I'm actually gambling that the office will be closed Tuesday. That's why I'm not folding the laundry tonight. Yep, that's my story.

Over the weekend I saw a bunch of Valentine's Day posts. Some people really love Valentine's Day and some could take it or leave it. I'll be honest, I'm one of the leave it people. It's not due to a bad experience or anything like that. When I was in college and right out of school, my 2 main jobs were waiting tables and selling jewelry, both industries are inundated with people trying to make nice on Valentine's Day. 

I've sold more pieces of heart shaped crap and processed returns for almost as many. I've seen people wait upwards of two hours for a table just so they can say they went out on the holiday. News flash folks, the food and service are better the day before and the day after. Especially since the tips are generally worse on Valentine's Day. Your tables are full of people who go out to a restaurant one or two steps above what they can usually afford and they just don't bring enough money to tip appropriately. And heaven help if you get a high school kid who's mom gave him money to take out his girlfriend, you're getting a $2 tip there. 

OK, I  thought I'd gotten over it but I guess I still carry the scars.

I actually feel a little bad for Kev. I don't like going out on the 14th, I don't want heart shaped jewelry, I'm allergic to soy and can't eat chocolate and I don't like perfume. Sorry babe. 

Even though I'm not a fan I do love feeding those around me. I bought a ton of chocolate and sugar to feed to my team.

They ended up crashing around 2pm on Friday. They were in a slight sugar coma.

I'm extremely transparent with them and they know I can be bribed. One of them made me no-bake cookies which are the BOMB. So freaking good, they're as good as mine and mine are awesome.

I also got a chocolate rose from my intern. She really is the most precious thing. She's ridiculously competent, creative (draws, arranges flowers, makes pottery) and is the nicest person I've ever met. She's like a Disney Princess.

I don't need to go out on the 14th, but I'll happily take a reservation on the 13th. Kev and I went to Bolt Bistro in Downtown Raleigh. I had a delicious Cosmo (fine, it was two)

I've been wanting a good French Onion soup and theirs was delicious. It didn't have a giant soggy hunk of bread floating in the bowl which made me a little sad but it was still really good. Since I was having a cheat night I would have preferred a giant soggy crouton in my bowl but I thought it was pretty cool that it came in a hollowed out onion. 

On the 14th we had a pretty low-key day. We had breakfast at Whole Foods, I got my nails done and took a trip to Kohls. We'd thought about going to the movies but instead I made Kev watch Glengarry Glen Ross. It might be the greatest thing I've ever seen.

As a Sales Manager I LOVE movies about sales and this one was freaking awesome. I love me some Alec Baldwin and he was in fine form in this movie. 

I was also a little jealous of his podium and tiny brass balls. I wonder if I could convince my boss that I need those things for the office.

Sunday morning I thought going for a run sounded like an awesome idea. I'm pretty sure the gym will be closed Monday night and probably Tuesday and I saw this as my one chance to get in some exercise before the storm. 

It was 19 degrees out and OMG was it cold! I've had better ideas.

Running in the cold is hard. Breathing is hard. Breathing when your nose is constantly running is hard too.

After my run I decided to go ahead and run my errands and get groceries for the week before all the bread and milk was gone.

It was really cold. Thankfully I haven't really cleaned my car in a while and had a bunch of winter running clothes in my trunk. I looked a little like Joey by the time I was finished.

Is it cold where you are? Because I'm not equipped to handle this kind of cold any more.

Winter running, yay or wait until April?

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  1. Running in the cold is the worst! I can't do it. My chest always feels like its going to freeze and plus I'm afraid I'm going to get sick. More power to ya though girl! Keep up the great work.

  2. Ugh I hate running in cold! Running in nice weather is hard enough for me, I love/hate it, but running in cold my lungs feel like they're on fire and I feel like I'm gonna die. Not over-dramatic or anything. We didn't really go out for V Day either because we knew the restaurants would be INSANE. We did go out Saturday morning for brunch, but ate at home for dinner both Friday and Saturday and it was so nice!

    1. I KNOW! I remember running in the cold last year but I swear it wasn't that brutal.

  3. Way to go on your running.. I can't make my self run in the cold.. My lungs feel like they are about to burst… Happy Monday!!! I found your link on the link up Chelsea @

  4. I don't mind running in the cold, but with my sinus infection I cant breath anyways so I've stuck to the treadmill.
    She's like a Disney Princess -that has to be the best compliment ever :)

    1. It never really gets that cold here in NC so I get excited when it's not 80 degrees for my run. All of my interns are awesome but the one who's been here for 3 weeks is ridiculously adorable. She had a little line of followers always hanging around until they realized she was only 19.

  5. Valentine's Day is not any biggie for me either. I hate red roses. Really. Hate em. Makes me a cheap gift receiver since jewelry will never be in the table, but I'm ok with that. My life currently doesn't require much dressing up. No stuffed animals either. The only time I think stuffed animals are appropriate is in a baby's nursery & as gifts from Bigs & Lils from ΚΔ days. Still have those teddies with Kappa Delta ribbon around them.
    I, too, am very happy being an implant to the south. The only use I would have for snow is skiing and I can't really do that anymore soooo the beach it is!

    1. I love how incapable of handling snow we are down here. My work let out at 330 today and we won't come in until 1030 tomorrow, :) then again we don't have salt trucks or anything like that down here. :)

  6. I can't even imagine what it's been like up North this winter. What is it, 81 inches of snow in Boston so far this year? Insanity

  7. With you 100% on the Valentine's day crap. I mean, really? Who wants heart-shaped jewelry? {Other than 12 year olds.} So, I'm crossing my fingers for you - did your office close today? I'm a teacher so they announced yesterday afternoon that school was canceled today...