Friday, February 27, 2015

Whole 30 and cr2f Prints

I'M TIRED OF BEING COLD! I get it, I'm not in the Northeast and the 6 inches of snow is just moderately inconvenient but really, winter, really? I'm just not equipped to handle the winter anymore. I don't have any super warm clothes and most of my sweatshirts are from college. Including the one I'm currently wearing and that was a long ass time ago.

There's a driveway under there.

To say I've been lacking in the motivation department would be an understatement. I've been buried in all sorts of work and the gym and good eating has really fallen by the wayside.

We even have this super awesome weight thing at the house, have I ever used it? Nope, no idea how, Funny story, it was in the house when we came to look at it. The previous owners had moved everything out except that. AND they moved out over a year before. Well, Kev decided he wanted it and we asked for it to convey. The owners protested and Kev kept pushing, Yea, we took their weight equipment. It would be better if we actually used it, 

Well, there aren't that many weeks to go until we get on a plane and head overseas and I'll be dammed if I'm going to look like a pudgy American. 

Instead I'm taking a 2 prong approach. I reached out to @loseitconkatie about one of her exercise programs. If you don't follow her on Instagram, you totally should. She's amazing. I'm 2 days in and OMG are my abs and shoulders sore, It's a good burn. I've committed to that for 30 days and I'm also starting the Whole 30 program.

Between the workouts and food, I'll be damned if I don't lose some weight and inches.

Of course I'm the one who starts the Whole 30 in the middle of a snowstorm. I though I would use my spiralizer to make sweet potato chips.

30 minutes later, burned to a crisp.

At least I did have the presence of mind to cook up some chicken and sweet potatoes last night. I think easy food is going to be the key. As long as I have easy protein sources to grab, I'll be fine, (hopefully) No bread, booze or refined treats.

There's going to be a lot more of this in my future.

I have to tell you about one of my favorite things. Since I won't be drinking delicious booze or driving into a jar of nut butter over the next 30 days, I might as well look at something pretty.

About a year ago, my friend Carrie started up an Etsy shop where she makes and sells super awesome prints. She's also a super talented photographer who did my profile picture. 

I really love the state ones. It's a great way to commemorate your hometown, where you and your Sig-O met, a honeymoon or even a favorite vacation. Carrie, I need one for our trip to Germany and France. :)

She's already made 2 for me and I love them so much, Both are KD related and this one is for the chapter I was initiated at.

This one is for my time as CAB Chair at NC State.

I could talk all day about how you should have her make you one but the real reason why I'm sharing is because she just added a new line of metallic prints! You all know I love me something shiny and I'm in love with her new designs.

She asked me if there was a certain phrase or song lyric that was special to Kevin and I. Unfortunately no, because we suck at things like that. A few months ago it took us 3 days to remember what song we first danced to at our wedding, Worst case scenario we were going to ask our moms, because they would know... It was Babe by Styx.

Well, we don't have a song but Kev had a great line that I feel needs to be immortalized...

I could keep her shop in business just with Kev's quotes.

You like?? well, Carrie has been so kind as to offer a free shipping code for my blog readers! From now through St Paddy's day you can get free shipping with the code "cookiescardioclothes" Also check her out on Facebook!

Have a great Friday everyone!

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  1. Ooo love those prints, especially the metallic! Oh man I would feel the same way with the snow, we have it so much easier in FL and I am still SO over cold weather! It's been cold and overcast ALL week and I need the SUN!

  2. I love a good Etsy store full of unique things ... gotta check her out!

  3. Those prints are SO cute!

  4. How cute are those prints?! I love that last one!

    1. Hahaha, me too, I'm just going to hang it up in the house and see if Kev notices it.

  5. Starting anything in the winter is hard - so dont be too hard on yourself!! Hope you have a great weekend!!

  6. What a great quote and a great print. Motivation in the Winter is hard!

    1. Lol, Kev just pulled that one out a few months ago and I had to have it immortalized.

  7. STOP! Seriously, NO WAY! Of COURSE I know Mindy! She was one of the first KDs I met when I moved here almost 10 years ago and she advised the KD chapter for a while but YES I know Mindy! I'm starting to think everyone does!That is soooo fricking crazy!