Monday, June 15, 2015

Scenes from the Weekend

Another Monday. Oy.... This week most of the other managers are in Scotland and they left me and the HR Manager in charge of the place. Lord help them... I kinda wish  my boss had left behind an "In case of emergency" sheet, You know, with the names and numbers of the vet, next of kin and that sort of thing. 

Before diving into the weekday, let's take a look back at the weekend shall we? 

Friday night Kev and I had reservations at Bin 54 for Triangle Restaurant Week. Restaurant Week is the bomb. A bunch of restaurants have price fixed menus for $25 or $30 per person for a 3 course meal. As soon as Restaurant Week is announced, we go onto Open Table and make reservations at Bin 54. 2 people can easily drop $150 there, so the restaurant week deal is pretty sweet.

I obviously started with a Cosmo and Kev some wine. We both got the same thing, wedge salad, fillet and strawberry shortcake for dessert. I'd had a spectacularly awful week and enjoyed 2 of these beauties. The meal was awesome, as always. 

Unfortunately we couldn't stay out too late since I was running the Susan Komen Race the next morning. 

I talked about this race last year where I apparently had a pretty run. I talked about it before but this race is super special to me because it was the first race I ever did... Five years ago! It's still hard to believe that I've been running that long. That's just crazy to me. 

This year they made some changes to the race that I wasn't a fan of, The biggest is that the competitive runner's start time was moved back an hour to 8am. The last 3 years we took off at 7am and the recreational runners / walkers at 8am. There's a HUGE difference between 7am and 8am on a super hot and humid day. I've never ran in hotter temperatures. If it wasn't the Komen race, I would have stayed home.

I was glad when I got there, it's always so inspirational to see 1000s of people coming together to fight against this terrible disease.

I wanted to die most of the race. Yeah, I haven't been running consistently but I think it was 82 degrees with 90% humidity. Hands down it was my worst time ever. I think I stumbled in at 38:00. But I did stop at the water stations and walked up the hills.

Immediately after I finished I ran into the super awesome Mindy Sopher. I've known Mindy through KD since I moved here 10 years ago. She's a 3 time breast cancer survivor and such an inspiration,

I was rocking some serious squinty eye

The rest of the afternoon I watched Netflix and refused to move. I think I sweat out 10 pounds at the race. Oh, and word of advice, if you haven't been eating gluten and then have 2 rolls at dinner, your stomach might not like you very much the next day.

Since I wasn't moving, Kev and I decided to christen our new fire pit and I invited some of my friends to join us.

I figured we were not only enjoying the outdoors but doing yard work as well. I'm going to burn all of those pine cones AND all of the random sticks in the yard. We might need a bigger pit.

For a while the smoke was blowing right on Kev and instead of move, he tried to blow it away.

It didn't work. Because we are fancy people we drink La Croix sparkling water beside the fire. Well, I had a cosmo in a solo cup.  I'd like to make a suggestion to the makers of marshmallows that they make single serving packets. I just need like 6 marshmallows. I have 3, Kev has 3 and we're good and no stale marshmallows. We didn't burn the house down so the fire pit was a huge win, Except I'd advise against having fire when it's 88 degrees at 7pm. It's stupid hot here.

Sunday morning woke up and Kev and I had breakfast before he had to leave. I headed over to the mall to see if I could find a black knit blazer for convention. Yes, I'm still looking for the last few pieces. I CAN'T believe I leave in less than 2 weeks! Convention packing post coming soon.

As I was looking I came across this Jessica Simpson military jacket at Belk on clearance. I had a gift card from an old return and ended up spending $3.17 out of pocket. Oh, and the Summer GYPO challenge starts tomorrow! I have my capsule all ready to go!

I think it'll be pretty versatile when it isn't as hot as the surface of Satan's ass here. Seriously, it's too hot to go to even go to the pool. 

I was browsing though H&M when a pair of leopard pants caught my eye. "Soft Pants" are in this season and even though I'm pretty sure I last wore "soft pants" in high school, I have a pair that I kinda love.


No no no no no no no... These do NOT need to come back in style. No one looked good in them. No one.

I've been talking a lot about convention and how I'm pretty excited about it. I advise at both a national and local level and a lot of people think I'm a little insane. It gets a little hectic at times but I wouldn't do it if I didn't love it. I got this text from my advisee the other day and it made me smile.

How was your weekend???

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  1. HELLZ NO to the hammer pants! Not much on weekend but kids start summer camps today. PRAISE GOD! #SummerVacayIsNotAVacation

    1. Hahahaha I hope your kids are having a blast at summer camp!

  2. I've seen WAYYYYY too many people rocking hammer pants lately. I just can't. No. Just can't.
    I am so jealous of your military jacket - I've been looking for a good one.
    Good for you nailing another race... finishing in humidity is TOTALLY nailing!

    1. Oh, I thought really hard about peacing out of that race. I was so over it before it even began. lol. I also didn't bring my garmin and ended up running the first mile waaaaay to fast. I hit the first mile at 10:30 and knew with the humidity I was in trouble.

  3. I love the quilting on that military jacket! Awesome find! I wish I didn't live in an apartment so I had a fire pit to roast some marshmallows over!

    1. I am so in love with this jacket! I just need it not to be 800 degrees so I can wear it!

  4. We have restaurant week here too and it is SO fun!!

    1. I love restaurant week! I know it's so you can try new places but we keep going to the same ones!

  5. STL has a restaurant week twice a year, however I always forget to participate. I'm glad you had fun at yours!

    Stopping by from Mingle Monday :)

    1. I love restaurant week, so fun, especially when there's a good menu!

  6. I'd be squinty-eyed excited if Mindy was at the end of my race too. She stopped me on the stage when I was crossing with my diploma and gave me the biggest hug at my NCSU graduation. Seriously, I wish I could be a tenth of as awesome as she is.

    1. hahahaha. I somehow find her every year and I didn't before the race and was afraid I missed her. Right as I finished I was limping towards the swag area and there she was. :)

  7. Thanks! It was definitely a rough one! I just don't run in the hot.