Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Summer GYPO Style Challenge

Yesterday the Summer GYPO Style Challenge started and my capsule wardrobe is ready to go! OK, let's be completely honest, as awesome as the idea of a capsule wardrobe is, I'm just not going to wear the same dress to work one week and again the next even if its with different accessories. 

For those of you unfamiliar with the concept of a capsule wardrobe, you choose only a few quality pieces of clothing that can coordinate with each other and make multiple outfits with fewer pieces. Great idea and it really helps me to re-imagine how to wear the pieces I already have. 

When you sign up for the challenge, you get a shopping list and several alternatives. Being the Summer Challenge, I knew there would be a lot of shorts featured and I'd need to adapt to make the outfits adapt for work. In a fantastic twist of fate, I either already had the necessary pieces, already bought the clothes as part of my convention shopping OR bought them when I returned something else. Kev will be very pleased, especially if he reads this today. :)

Who's ready for some poorly lighted pictures??? Reason #275 why I will never be a famous blogger, no fancy camera and I'm taking pictures at 8:30pm in a dim bedroom. Sorry folks, love me, love my crappy pictures. 

First up, we needed patterned, brightly colored and denim shorts. I subbed with a patterned skirt and I have a red and orange skirt. I also branched out and got some palazzo  or "soft pants" in the black and cream and the blue pattern. 

Patterned pants which I also wore last week...

And I subbed the romper for the black jumpsuit I found a few weeks ago.

For the accessories we needed a brightly colored necklace, colored earrings, statement earrings and a head scarf. I decided to pass on all of those, mainly because I've never seen a colored necklace that I actually liked, They all look like a 5th grader made them. Sorry nope. Me and headbands don't really mix either since I have a freakishly large head.

Instead I'm going to use this gold tone bracelet from Target, earrings from The Limited and a knock off Stella and Dot necklace from Etsy.

Boyfriend shorts, a white eyelet skirt to sub for white shorts, patterned maxi dress and white pants.

The dress was part of my Convention purchases and I got it at Kohls, It's really cute on and not too long! 

I kinda love this white eyelet skirt from Steinmart. It's perfect for the summer,

As I look at the capsule, I'm realizing there's a lot of white. I might need more Tide sticks. They're my best friend.  

Here we have a white cami, white eyelet shirt, pink tee, another patterned maxi and a white eyelet dress. Several tees will be styled during the challenge and I'm sure I'll wear more than just this one. I have a bunch of t-shirts that would work. 

The white dress I got at Ross and I'm really stoked about it. I'd been looking for a new white dress for convention and sorority stuff and this one is perfect! I've honestly never worn a white dress outside of sorority stuff and getting married. It's definitely outside my comfort zone, but hey, that's why it's called a challenge!

This is the other printed maxi I picked up at Ross. Can I become a Ross poster child? Seriously, I rarely walk out of there empty handed. 

What else, I have another white flowy tank, a patterned flowy tank, 2 graphic tees and a denim jacket in place of the denim vest. Side note on the graphic tee. I ordered one from at the end of May and it STILL hasn't arrived. I know these are small vendors who sometimes get overwhelmed with the volume of orders but when it's ordered on 5/28, "shipped" on 6/4 and still showing as being in transit, that's no bueno.

The black drapey tank. 
Still waiting...

And we have metallic and neutral sandals and some stripey espadrilles. We were supposed to try colored sneakers too but I don't need patterned sneeks when I have plenty of brightly colored running shoes.

And that folks, is my capsule wardrobe! Really though, who am I kidding, it's the second day and I'm already wearing something that's not in the capsule. It's just orange pants instead of an orange skirt, but hey, why not.


  1. I'm still obsessed with the maxi dress from Ross!!!!
    I love the patterned pants but am so afraid to try them myself. I'm afraid it'll be TOO much pattern on me.

    1. Thank! I've had really good luck at Ross recently. Sometimes it can be hit or miss but I've been on a roll!

  2. I love all three of your shoe picks! I picked up a pair of patterned soft pants and wore them yesterday. A little out of my comfort zone but they are so comfy!

    1. Thanks! I'm so in love with the brown wedge sandals! I'm still trying with the soft pants. I even have on a pair today but they make me look really hip-y. I think I nee to find the right shirt to wear with them.