Tuesday, September 1, 2015

GYPO Style Challenge - Work Wear Edition!

A few weeks ago I blogged about the upcomming GYPO Work Wear Challenge. I was  super excited for it, especially since I always have to make adjustments to the daily outfits to make them more work appropriate. 

Complete disclosure, I work for a software company, I could come to work every day in a super hero t-shirt and flip flops and would fit in with 45% of the office. Instead, since I have direct reports I feel that I should dress a little more professionally and I like clothes. A LOT. Always have, always will. Fat Lara, skinnier Lara and in between Lara, we all love clothes.

I was really, really excited for this challenge and then I got the shopping list. I owned every. single. item... Not gonna lie, I was more than a little sad about that. But it's a good thing, we need to save money and get our house ready to sell, Instead, I shopped from my closet, Kev, did you hear that? I DIDN'T BUY A THING FOR THIS CHALLENGE.

Some of the other challengers suggested that I splurge on a piece or replace something in my existing wardrobe but I couldn't bring myself to do that. I'm a little fluffier than I want to be and I don't want to get something in a larger size than I'd like. Another suggestion was to get additional pieces for more variety... yeah, that's not a problem either, You'll see...

Instead I went to the closet!

Blue oxford shirt, I'm using this chambray one from Old Navy. I don't really like button-up shirts on me, too much boobage, so it takes a lot for me to find one I like. 

The white tunic-y shirt is from the Limited Outlet, and I actually bought this a few months ago in anticipation of the challenge. :) It paid off!

We needed 2 cardigans and a patterned skirt. I have several cardigans but I think this burgundy one and the green will work well with the rest of the capsule. 

For the skirts, I have a polka dot one and a black and white stripe, both from the Limited, and there's an unpictured red skirt from the Limited as well. Not gonna lie, I have an orange Limited skirt too.

Next we needed a polka dot shirt. Yeah, I have a few, one is blue and red (or orange, I swear I can't tell), black and white and black and red. All from the Limited. Remember, I LOVE circles.

Black pants, grey pants, colored pants and jeans. Kinda boring but the jeans and colored pants are from the Limited, grey from the Gap and the black ones from Macy's. Hmmm... I have burgundy pants too. I might like those for fall a little better.

Black blazer I picked up for convention and actually haven't worn yet. Surprisingly I got this at Sears.

Unpictured is a plain black tshirt from Target.

For jewelry and accessories, we needed a long gold necklace, pearl necklace, chunky gold watch. I have my MK watch that I wear almost every day, a neutral Kendra Scott Necklace and a chunky pearl necklace I got from a while ago. I did skip the skinny belt because I look dumb in belts. 

Lastly, the shoes.... This is a small portion of them... We needed neutral heals, and I have pumps, shooties and flats, leopard shoes (I have flats too), a pair of red shoes that I've really had for 100 years and I had to brush the dust off them. 

Oh, also unpictured is the MK bag I carry every day. The challenge called for a neutral structured bag and I use one everyday.

And that friends, is my capsule wardrobe for this challenge. It's going to be a good one! Oh, don't forget my 10 years in NC giveaway! Check out the original post here!

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  1. That's pretty awesome that you already had everything! I love all the pieces you chose!

    1. I really can't bevel that I had everything. Not gonna lie, that makes me a little sad, BUT I already see that that I don't have all the things for the Fall challenge. There's a cute plaid dress that must be mine, lol.

  2. I basically just want your closet. Love all these pieces!

  3. SAHMama... Unofficial uniform of wife beaters w tshirts and various yoga pants, capris, and Capri jeans. Jewelry nonexistent... Shoes: optional.... Big adventure: bringing out curling iron, matching casual clothes and ......wait for (Keds are where it's at, right?)

    1. lol. You could totally do a style challenge and break out of the SAHM wardrobe rut!

  4. Great how you didn't need to buy anything. Love all your polka dot shirts! Thanks for linking up yesterday with THT linkup. Can I remind you to follow our social media links as well? We'd be very grateful. Thanks so much

  5. Love the polka dot shirts, the shoes! I need to do an inventory of my closet! Nice capsule wardrobe!
    Thanks for linking up to Turning Heads Tuesday!
    jess xx

  6. We just moved to Georgia from the midwest and so far we are really enjoying the view! All the trees are really pretty!

    1. I love pretty trees too, especially when they start to turn for the fall! Thanks for dropping by!