Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Confident Twosday

Today I'm super excited to be teaming up with Laura over at I do deClaire for Confident Tuesday! She was super nice an let me push back my co-hosting day when things got crazy and I headed over seas. 

She also doesn't seem to mind my awkward bathroom selfies. One day I'll buy a better mirror. One day...

Today I wanted to feature my newest favorite thing, the leather jacket. I looked a lot, and I do mean a lot of places and tried on a TON of jackets before I found this one. 

I think leather and leather-like jackets are always timeless pieces. They get more popular, then less, but I don't remember a time when they haven't been around. I actually have a jacket that I think an ex got me when I was in grad school. Considering Kev and I have been together for 11ish years, and I've been out of grad school even longer, yea, I've had it for a while. I think everyone has one in their closet.

This season I was looking for a leather jacket that was light enough to wear in the office and still be warm enough to wear outside. It also had to be flattering, not too restrictive in the arms and have a drapey front. Seemingly impossible, yes, but my quest paid off!

Behold! The BNCI jacket from Nordstrom Rack! You can check it out here. It's not too short, just drapey enough and I love it. 

Wear it with a professional dress...

Or something more sassy.

I wore it all over Pittsburgh and Scotland. It was stylish and functional. Win win win.

I don't get affiliate dollars or anything like that, I just really, really like this jacket and I think you will too.

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Happy Tuesday!!

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  1. Love the draping of your leather jacket! It's perfect for all of these looks!

    Doused In Pink

  2. Wow looks great! I'd love to go to Scotland sometime, I'm so jealous! I need a functional leather jacket, maybe I'll check out Nordstrom Rack like you!

    Laura Aime Vous

  3. What a fantastic leather jacket! I have a moto style one and wore it all over the place when I went to Ireland with my husband last spring. You are right, it's stylish and functional! Double win! Thank you so much for co-hosting! You look fantastic!

  4. I love leather jackets too! Thanks for co-hosting!

  5. You look great in your leather jacket! I have one too and I love it!