Monday, October 19, 2015

Obviously that blogging while in Scotland thing didn't happen

I'm going to have soo much time on the plane to blog while I'm flying back and forth from Scotland... yeah, nope. That didn't happen. Sometimes you have the best of intentions but yeah, not so much.

Complete disclosure, in the evening after work, I roamed the city, looked at stuff, drank cider and had a great time, because I was in frickin Scotland. When I got back to the hotel I watched UK trash TV. Because UK trash TV is so much better than US trash. It just is.

Alright, I'm back obviously I have a lot to recap and a few sponsored posts I have to put up and I made some cookies to share, so let's get this started.

First up, Pittsburgh! I traveled to the home of my people and ate my way through the city. #IwishIwasJoking. We left Weds night and drove to the other side of Richmond where we stayed in this random hotel that Priceline has put us at 5 times before. It's fine, nice place and it gets us a head start on the trip. We left Thursday morning and headed to the PA turnpike. Side rant, it's now $13!! to take the turnpike from Breezewood to the Monroeville exit. When I first moved away 11 years ago I'd take the turnpike home and it was $4! FOUR DOLLARS. Don't tell me that inflation raised it 300+%. Kevin loves it when we go to Pittsburgh and I rage about the turnpike. loves it.

We get in to Monroeville where we're staying at the Holiday Inn because gameday = no hotels near the city. But first, before the hotel a stop at Moios. Moios is has the best Italian cookies and cake and they make me cray happy tears. They did my wedding cake and the cookie table. (Cookie tables are a Western PA thing and should spread across the country and world because there's nothing better than a cookie table.)

Fancy Macaroon. My very most favorite cookie of all time.

Look a that wall of cake slices!! We had white with strawberry filling for our wedding cake. Yum....

Come to me my lovelies


After a cookie coma we drove into the city to find some food before the game. Kev had been eyeing up Butcher and the Rye online for a while and couldn't get reservations. Instead we drove over right as they opened and decided to try our luck. Thankfully they had a seat because it was AMAZING.

I'd like to point out the daily feature of pan drippings and rustic sourdough bread. It was a sourdough loaf and a pan of beef dripping gravy and it might be one of the top 10 best things I've ever eaten. O.M.G.

I got a cosmo, of course, because that's how classy people booze up before a football game. I'd also like to point out how the cosmo goes right to the tippy top of my glass. Often you get bartenders who leave room a the top because they're stingy and don't want the server to spill. Not here.

That's the Pig Candy which made a recent list of best things to eat in Pittsburgh. It was yum. Kev loved it more than I did, but still delish,

Repping the 'Burgh in the bathroom.

Then I had some sort of Whisky Punch, which was also yum.

And the Steak Tartare Appetizer. BTW, when we go to Paris next month, it's going to be nothing but pictures of tartare and frites. 

Kev ordered this and I can't remember what it was, but he wanted me to take a picture of it. Obvs it's some sort of steak and potatoes, because. Kev.

After we were stuffed with meat and I had a solid buzz,it was time to head across the river and go to the game. Kev hadn't ever seen the Steelers play the Ravens in person, for some reason we always end up at a Bengals game, so Ravens it was.

I left my purse in the car because you're prohibited from bringing them into the game. You can do a clear bag or a tiny bag, instead I took my debit card and drivers license out of my wallet and out them in my jacket pocket (bad idea). I literally walked from the car, into the stadium, to my seat and promptly lost both. Yes, I lost my debit card and license at the game. Thankfully I had my passport, which I needed for Scotland, but the whole no debit card thing was an enormous pain in the ass. I went to guest services 3x and no one turned it in. I cancelled my debit card while I was at the game and it really sucked.

There is a bright side to the story. When I got home, there was a letter from an nice gentleman in Ohio, He saw my license and debit card fall out of my pocket when I was going through security, he tried to catch me, couldn't and instead he mailed them back to me. And that's why Steelers fans are the best in the world. (I'm going to send him a muffin basket).

Annual football selfies!

For those of you who don't follow football, the Steelers lost. In overtime. Because the kicker sucked. A lot. They fired him the next day.

Because there's still nothing  funnier to me than a Stevie Wonder joke.

Alrighty! Time to catch up on some posts! Have a great Friday!

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  1. A cookie table sounds like the most amazing thing and I defintely wish we had them here haha!

  2. There is no greater thing at a wedding than a traditional cookie table. Hands down... Very disappointed in the turnpike ..another moment of Charleston gratitude. No toll roads (praise God)....

  3. Oh my goodness, I love all the food pictures, those cookies are delicious!!!

  4. Related to football: did you SEE CAROLINA win last night? I don't even like football and I was actually entranced.