Monday, August 25, 2014

Scenes from the Weekend

I'm not sure if anyone really cares about what I did on the weekend, but the over-sharer that I am can't help herself.

So, what did I do this weekend? Saturday I slept in and it was glorious. So lovely. Kev woke me up wanting to go to breakfast, and since I talked him into a trip to the outlet mall, I hopped out of bed and got ready. We decided to go to the Smithfield outlets which are south of us which meant we had a reason to go into downtown Raleigh for breakfast.

We went to Big Ed's, a Raleigh staple. They're only open until noon, so you can't roll in late. We got there and the line was out the door but thankfully it moved pretty quickly. 

They have all sorts of old farmy equipment hanging from the ceiling. It's cool, but I keep thinking of a horror movie where all of those things start flying off the wall and impale me. I have issues...

We got to sit at Big Ed's table. I guess he already came in that day.

I ordered one pancake. Apparently if you order and eat 3 of these bad boys, you get a t-shirt. It was delicious but I barely made it through half. I ate all of my bacon though, because that's how I roll.

After I carb-loaded like I was running a marathon, off to the we went. I had quite a bit of success at Loft, NY and Co and Surprisingly, Talbots. I was trying to convince Kev that my new job needed new, more professional clothes. He slightly agreed. :)

I think I'll do another post of what I got since this one is getting pretty lenghty. :)

On the way home, we stopped at Smithfield BBQ for lunch. I continued my carb loading and ate all the fries. Because I love fries. Fries and salt. om nom nom... I did eat the pork off my sandwich and tossed the bum. I forgot I could just get a pile of pork and fries.

After we got home it was a quick turn around to Walnut Creek Amphitheater to see... REO Speedwagon and Chicago. OH YES, WE DID.

I'm gonna be completely honest. I had low expectations for the show. It was $20 for lawn seats and Kev hadn't ever seen Chicago, so we figured, why not? Let me tell you, those old dudes ROCKED for like 3 hours. REO Speedwagon was really good! I was thoroughly impressed by how they hadn't lost it. 60+ years old and they put on a great show. Then Chciacgo came out and they KILLED IT too! Their horn players are 70 years old and amazing. I couldn't believe how good they were. We saw Def Leppard and Kiss a few weeks ago and it was just sad, Chicago more than made up for it.

Sunday morning I woke up, made pancakes and then it was time for....


YESSSS!!!!!!!! New Doctor Who!! OK, Like everyone, I'm wary of this new Doctor. I think he'll be OK, but I'm not sure, I mean it took me a while to warm up to Matt Smith, and he was OK, but I'm definitely a David Tennant gal. So, what did you think?? It was a pretty good first episode for a new Doctor but I found the plot lacking. And I didn't understand why Clara was so freaked out that he was old, she's seen all of his incarnations, this shouldn't be a surprise.

After my Doctor Who watching, it was time for a run. The weather was fantastic Sunday, a lovely, overcast 70 degrees, how could I not head out? Kev dropped me at Whole Foods and he took Cleo to the dog park. I ran there to meet them. By the time he drives there and I run, she's had about enough of the other dogs.

I was really happy with my time. It feels good to run in the mid-tens... for like a mile, then my lings disagree. I just have to get back into running shape. good news is I actually WANT to run. Last year I kept putting it off and off until I'd lost far too much speed and endurance. Not this year. I have my eyes on a sub 30 5k and a sub 2:30 half. This is the year!


I ended the evening with a trip to NCSU to talk about the alcohol policy. Good times. (It actually was, they were really happy with the changes)

Alright, off to another busy week! Hence the 9pm post.

What did you do last weekend??

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  1. I thought the Doctor Who episode had some great moments, especially the ending. I also totally don't understand Clara's freak out. I mean, not only did she all his incarnations, she's actually seen Matt Smith's Doctor as old, too. I mean, literally right before he regenerated. I mean, really? A bit dramatic, I think.

    1. I couldn't agree more! I don't know why she had such a rough time with it. I'm assuming there's some sort of plot twist later in the season.

  2. That pancake is MASSIVE. haha but yum! Fries and salt are the best. Great job on the run :):)

    1. It was so big and thick. I'd never seen anything like that before. I don't know how people eat 3.

  3. I've seen Chicago several times and they are awesome! Very impressive for old(er) dudes!

    I was pretty ok with the new Doctor too. Just hated that it felt like they were beating us over the head with the fact that " yea, he regenerated and now he's old.... get over it".

    Awesome run!

    1. I know! I mean, we get that he's old and we can deal with it, just stop beating the dead horse.

  4. I need to watch Doctor Who - never seen any of them....
    That pancake... OH MY .... I could probably eat 3 of them :) Its my talent in life.
    I'd be nervous too about those things falling on my head. #worriersUnite

  5. oh I looove pancakes! Can't wait to see what fun things you purchased!

    1. The pancakes were insane. I think they were the carb load I needed for my Sunday run.

  6. That pancake is huge!! Congrats on the negative splits on the run that is awesome!!

  7. The food last weekend was soooo good, but soooo bad. I'm stiull eating veggies to recover!