Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wednesday Hop and Confessions

Wednesday already??? OMG, the week is flying by. It's really concerning because I have a new hire starting Monday and literally have nothing ready for her. I mean she has a desk and a chair, so that's a plus. I'll throw a pen at her and she should be good to go. :)

Well, It's tine for 2 of my favorite hops! Shoot on over to say heeeeeyyyy to Fitness Blondie and Vodka and Soda

The Hump Day Blog Hop
Vodka and Soda
I really love the Wednesday confessions so I'm gonna roll with it. I thought I would run out of things to confess, but apparently not. I keep a little list on my phone as I think of things. The list is long....
1. My dog doesn't like you. I think this is my PSA to the world. Not all dogs like everyone. It's not an innate dog trait that they come up to you for love and affection. If you're new, don't run up and pet my dog. Now, once she knows you, and sees you aren't trying to kill us, she loves you. Cleo also doesn't like men, she just doesn't. We got her from the SPCA when she was 7 months old and have had her for 2 years. I don't know what happened before she came to she shelter but it's apparently stuck with her.
Please, when you meet a new dog, don't run up and try to pet them. And please don't let your kids run up to dogs they haven't met before.

She's really cute though,
2. Well, that was a downer... OK, on to something a little more lighthearted. This weekend we went to a beer, bourbon and BBQ festival. There I learned that I'm not really a fan of Bourbon. It's OK, but I wasn't in love. But you know what I did love? MOONSHINE. Is it any surprise that this former WV gal loved her moonshine? Not really.

I thought it would be like the grain alcohol of days gone by, but it wasn't. It was so, so good.The Sugarlands Butterscotch Moonshine was AMAZING. I had many, many samples. Now I have to go to the ABC store and harass them to carry it.

3. I'm a sweaty gal at the gym. In real live I'm not one of those people who are constantly mopping themselves off or looking for a fan. I'm actually pretty cold most of the time. People around me are sweating like crazy and I'm perfectly happy. Now, at the gym, all that changes. I sweat, a lot. I always have a headband because without it I'm constantly wiping sweat from my eyes. I just don't understand the people who can walk out of a 60 minute spin class completely dry.

This one from lululemon is my absolute favorite and I also live these Biondi Bands. I have an enormous head and these ones don't squeeze my brain and they're super wicking.

4. I'm terrible with my right and my left. If you ask me which way to turn, I have to look at my hands and think about it. I always have. You'd think I'd get it right 50% of the time but I don't. It's more like 15%. I'm sure this is a sign of genius.

Or, Milk hand and cookie hand. 
5. I won't remember your name. I'm TERRIBLE with names, just awful. When I was a trainer, I would have people in class for 4 weeks, 4 WEEKS, every single day. They'd leave for a week, come back and I'd forgotten their names. I've seen like 4 people here at my new job that I KNOW I worked with at Wachovia. Heck, at least 2 of them reported to me and I can't for the life of me remember their names. Thankfully I was fat back then and I look different enough now that they wouldn't recognize me. This is also why I accept any and all LinkedIn requests. I figure you probably know me even if I don't know you. As long as your profile pix isn't a big penis, we can be buds.
That's all for me! Have a great Wednesday!
What do you have to confess?
Ever Had Moonshine? What'd you think?


  1. That festival sounds like fun!

    I do the L for my left hand too ;)

  2. I had moonshine once way back in college and I have to say - it was great! I'm not a hard liquor fan but I could (ummm, no, I DID) put down some 'shine!

    1. Hahaha I love me some liquor, it's just my favorite. Give me hard booze over wine or beer any day!

  3. I am the same with names. Lol! Love that shirt!

  4. I am SO with you on not running up to dogs! We adopted our dog Bailey from the pound and she isn't good with strangers. Once she gets to know you she is great though.
    I can't remember names very well either. Nor can I distinguish my left from my right without thinking about it.

    1. Cleo is the exact same way. There are people she really loves but it takes a while. Even when we have visitors she rarely warms up to them before they leave.

  5. I need that PSA for my husband's not just run up and pet the dog!!!! Although he has a bark that sounds like Cujo so....really no one gets too close too fast!

  6. Me too! I think everyone should wear a nametag at all times. It would make my life so much easier.

  7. YES! I had the butterscotch, lemon drop and strawberry lemonade moonshine. I had SEVERAL samples of the butterscotch. It was stupid good.

  8. I did! I think I need to get a yellow ribbon for her leash but it's more so when people come to the house that she isn't a fan. Well, she's not really a fan outside the house either.

  9. Hi Merri!!! Cleo likes you too! You're one of the few! LOL And I am SOOOOO bad with names, it just isn't ever gonna happen. We should take Cleo and Ella to the dog run again this year!

  10. I didn't realize just how much I loved moonshine! I think I need to head to the ABC this weekend and find some more!

  11. Really? I look like a hot mess at the gym! But I completely understand! I remember when I first started not being able to break a sweat and after a while when I started running I never had that problem again. lol!