Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wendesday Convessions - I sneek food into the movie theater

Happy Wednesday everyone! It's Wednesday so you know what that means, confession time! I keep thinking that I'll run out o things to confess. Well, that hasn't happened yet so we're gonna  keep rolling.

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Vodka and Soda
Last night Kev and I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy. I wanted to take a day off from the gym and Kev wanted to see a movie. Perfect. The movie started at 7:20pm and I was running a little late from work. I needed to stop and hopefully get my car washed and grab some dinner. Due to the impending storm, the car wash was closed, bummer because I have to take someone to dinner tonight and my car is embarrassingly dirty. Anywho, I headed over to Sassool. Raleigh friends, it's Neomonde. They opened one in North Raleigh, it was Neomonde for a minute and changed it to Sassool. Same delicious food.

I placed my order and waited for my kabobs. While I was waiting I started talking to the magician who was making balloon animals. I might be in the market for a balloon guy to come to my department during Customer Service week and was asking if he did corporate events. Here's how the convo went.

Me: Hey, balloon man, do you do corporate events?

BM: Yes, I do, I do, adults love my magic

Me: Well, I need someone to come make balloon hats for my people in October

BM: Yes, I can make hats, but let me show you my magic

Me: I'm good thanks.

BM: Adults love my David Blane style magic

Me: Yeah, It's a call center. I don't need you sitting in a freezer for 3 days. I just want someone to come make some balloon hats.

By the time I catted with Balloon man and got my food, I was running pretty late. So I packed my kabob, some hummus and a little broccoli into a Tupperware container, and headed to the movie.

Kev said bringing Kabob into the theater was borderline ridiculous but it got me thinking about all the things we've smuggled and eaten in the theater.

1. Popcorn. This is Kev's story, not mine. When they were kids, his dad would make popcorn at home, out it in a giant paper bag and stuff it into their coat sleeves.

2. Candy. Who DOESN'T smuggle candy into the movies? It's like $8 for a carton of Skittles and I can get 75lbs of Skittles at Costco for $8.

3. Bottles of water. A Bottle of water is $4!!!! I shove one in my bag every time we go.

4. Soda / Sparkling water. When I used to drink soda, that's what I smuggled. Now it's a can of sparkling water. You have to wait for a loud noise or explosion to pop the can open, but it's worth it.

5. Apple Pocket from Cheesecake Factory. That was all Kev. He got it to go and forced me to smuggle it in. I think he did ask them to hold the ice cream.

6. Sandwiches - I've gone in at least once with a Subway sandwich and another time with a wrap from Whole Foods.
7. Bag of meat and cheese - In my defense, I was on the 21 day detox and knew there wouldn't be anything there to eat. So I ate a bag of meat and cheese in the middle of Book of Mormon. I'm sure I had some nuts as well.
8. Carrots and Baba Ganouj - While I was on the purification cleanse, it was one of the few portable things I could eat.
9. Kabobs - This really was a great one. I really feel that I moved to the next level of food smuggling. :)
Obviously this is a light hearted post but there's a moral to the story. Just because you're going out, it doesn't have to affect your eating plan for the day. Yes I missed dinner and it would have been easy just to eat a vat of buttery popcorn, but that won't help me reach my goals.
I've never seen anyone get kicked out of the movies for eating their own food. It could happen, but the majority of theaters I go to are manned by 17 year olds. They don't care if I have a ham sandwich in my purse. Don't worry abut what others may or may not think, stay true to you!
Confess, what have you smuggled into the movies?


  1. I went to the movies this past weekend with a friend of mine and we straight up smuggled in sour patch kids, taffy, sweettarts, and mountain dew. Like you said, that shit is like $8 bucks a pop!

    1. I can't do it. I can get all the candy I need at Walgreens for like $3.

  2. hahaha i totally snuck a polar pop and some gummy bears into the movies last weekend. you could hear the ice in my drink and i was holding it through my bag.. so obvious haha. when i was younger we would stop at mcdonalds and get some burgers and fries and hide them in our bags.. i always want food at the movies so i know if i dont sneak shit in, i'll end up spending $50 on a drink and popcorn, and i dont even like popcorn.

    1. Awesome! I pull mine out of the bag and set it in the cup holder. I know I've brought in coffee too. Put that in the cup holder as well. :)

  3. LOVE IT! I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one bringing in food! The dinner yesterday did take it to a new level.

  4. OMG! I love it! we also smuggle wine into the theater that is 21+. I always order 1 glass and continue to refill it myself. That way I feel less guilty about an $8 glass of wine.

  5. We've smuggled in hot mocha's from Starbucks. That was a slow walk into the theater with them balanced in my purse :)

  6. I am all for smuggling food into the theatre unless someone is bringing in something that really smells (McDonalds does this although I love it).

  7. I BRING THE CRAZIEST THINGS into the theater!!! Like full on picnics! This is why us ladies have HUGE purses, right?!?!? I bring sashimi, sushi, shawarma, kabob, whole chickens - YOU NAME IT - it has been with me! LOL!!!!!

    1. YES!!! I've never thought to bring in sushi but what a GREAT IDEA!

  8. That is some Grade A smuggling skills. I have brought a soda and a bag of candy but nothing too out there.

  9. lol, so true! I've got no shame when it comes to the smuggling! And you know I just can't watch a movie without any food!

  10. OK, the chicken is impressive. I mean, how big does you bag have to be to get an entire bucket of chicken in there??
    And thank you for the perspective from the other side. We usually go to the small theater around the corner from us and 95% of the time get popcorn or a water. Mainly because they make the popcirn there and it's WAY fresher than anywhere else. But we like them and want then to stay in business. :)

  11. You have definitely smuggled some interesting items! When I was in high school my friend and I used my giant purse to smuggle smoothies into the movies. I dropped my purse while we were in line for our tickets but didn't really think anything of it. Then when we were inside I went to make sure the ringer on my phone was off and discovered it floating in a puddle of smoothie at the bottom of my purse :(