Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday Five (or six) Favorites - Junior League Shopping Spree

Last Friday I called off from work and went to the Junior League Shopping Spree. Geeze Lara, calling off to go shopping? yep. Two reasons. One, I was waiting for my final offer letter from the new company and knew I wouldn't be able to concentrate on anything. And two, I knew I was leaving and didn't want to spend the day looking at their faces. 

I always love the Shopping Spree, each year the Junior League gathers a bunch of vendors and for 4 days it's a big shopping extravaganza. It's $12 to get in and you can come back all 4 days.

It's hard to see but those are all vendors. It fills the entire floor of the convention center.

There's lots of boutiques and interesting gifts. Most years, this one included, I found a bunch of great food items.

This was one of the first ones I had to pick up. It's a Party in a Bag and for $20 you got a dip mix, a box of tasty crackers and a box of magic that turns your alcohol into slushies.

You take a bottle of wine or booze, add a mixer and the deliciousness in the box, put it in the freezer, wait a few hours and it turns into a booze slushie. Seriously amazing. Add some cream cheese / sour cream to the spice mix, dip the crackers in there, instant party. It's going to be perfect over the holidays.

I did buy one non-food thing, these gable boxes were 11 for $10. I absolutely love these for gift giving over the holidays. I participate in a huge cookie exchange every year and when it comes time to spread the love, these are perfect. You can fit a crap-ton of cookies in here and they're instantly festive.

I also found these gluten-free, no-GMO baking mixes. The chocolate one had 0 soy which made my heart (and stomach) happy. 


I got really excited when I saw these butter mints. Kev and I sampled them a few weeks ago and didn't buy any. They were soooo delicious. I had to get get some. I'm going to take some to my grandma for Christmas, I know she'll love them too.

BBQ Sauce with beer AND bacon? Um yes. We made BBQ the other day and used this sauce and it was amazing!

One last thing was these delicious hard candies. Again, taking these to Grandma for Christmas.

Overall it was a pretty successful spree and I got some great stuff. 

Have you ever been to a Shopping Spree?
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  1. i have never been (or heard of that) but i would LOVE to go!!

  2. Holy shopping extravaganza! You scored some awesome stuff! I really could use that BBQ sauce! ;)

    1. The sauce was amazing. It has a slight kick that makes it even more awesome. So good

  3. I never even knew something like this existed!! I think I would be rich & 20 lbs heavier in the end

    1. It's one of my favorite events! For some reason I stuck with the food stuff this year. but there was plenty of other cute things

  4. I have never been to a shopping spree like that! It sounds so fun!!

  5. this sounds SO fun! although the last thing i need to do is a shopping spree, haha!

    1. LOL, I just love all the cute things to look at the the holiday ideas!