Tuesday, November 11, 2014

What I did this weekend

Well, well, well, it's Tuesday. First off, Happy Veteran's Day to all those who've served our country. 

If I;d still been working at the bank I would have celebrated with a day off but alas, I don't get all those holidays off anymore. It's OK, I traded it for an office with an actual door. 

This past week was kinda strange because I gave my notice on Monday and the bank said it was my last day. Good news is I was able to start at the new job on Monday but it gave me 6 days to twiddle my thumbs. 

A high point for the week was this! 

I go to Breugger's for coffee... a lot. Kev wasn't drinking coffee for a while and instead of me making a pot, I went to Breugger's. Well, I kinda go there every day. Last year I didn't get the Bottomless mug because it seemed excessive but the more I went, the more the employees "harassed" me to  get the mug. I told Kev it was what I wanted for my birthday and he got me an early surprise. :)

It just went on sale the first of November and is good until December 31st 2015. I figure I have to go 100 times to break even. I intend to make money on this investment. Challenge accepted.

Friday night we went to see Interstellar. It was fine. I wanted it to be better and the first 2 hours were great. The last 30 minutes I felt they jumped the shark. I've seen 3 disappointing movies in a row. Next time, I'm choosing the movie.

Saturday I was climbing the walls and decided to take Cleo for a run, She usually stops 750 times on a run to smell the world and ends up ripping my arm out of the socket when she comes to a dead stop. 

Halfway through we stopped for a selfie and she pulled what might be the derpiest picture I've ever seen. I almost erased it because I was embarrassed for her. Then I remembered she was a dog and didn't care about social media. Then I posted it all over the interwebs.

I also made a stop at Trader Joe's where all the pumpkin things are transforming into peppermint things. I found these Thanksgiving dog treats which she absolutely loves. Who knew?

Saturday night all the animals laid on Kev.

My cat has a fat ass...

Sunday morning I took myself on a solo run and it was nice. The weather is perfect for running! I was a little annoyed for not going the other .05 miles to make it an even 3.5. I have a slight number OCD.

The rest of the day was spent doing laundry then I headed over to NC State for sorority meeting and elections.

That was my exciting weekend, what did you do?


  1. Haha! Dogs don't care about the selfie!! Love it! They look so comfy cuddling up on the couch.

    1. They really don't. I was embarrassed for her but it's really funny for me. :)


    What is the bottomless mug? Only been to bruegers once.

    1. Oooooohhhhh let me tell you. I love Breugger's coffee and once a year you can buy a bottomless pass. It's kinda pricey but you can go every day, multiple times a day and get a beverage. Coffee in the morning, more in the afternoon, soda if you want, iced tea... you name it. you just have to wait 30 minutes between visits. :)