Thursday, February 5, 2015

Oh look it's Thursday!

I had some amazing intentions to work on this blog post last night. Then Chubbles jumped into my lap and decided that I wasn't going to type.

I know I could push him off or lock myself in another room but when he's on my lap at least I know he isn't wrecking havoc or peeing on anything. Yes, my cat is a terrorist. Actually it's more like Stockholm Syndrome, He keeps me hostage but I've learned to love it.

Today I wanted to share some things that I'm kinda loving right now. Yes, I know that I could bust out a five favorite thing post on Friday but ooooo look at me, I'm changing things up, what what???

First up, if you are on Instagram, and you totally should be, check out @tindernightmares  It's kinda inappropriate but there is nothing that cracks me up more than horrible pick up lines.

Dying, seriously dying.

Also, check out @crazyjewishmom. Again, dying. Kate's mom is a trip and more than a little batty, love it. Oh, and if you like that picture of my cat, there's more where that came from on my Instagram @ljn162!


For years I always followed the SAME skin care regime, I literally wiped my make-up off with Stridex pads and that was it. I know, awful. I just really hate splashing water on my face.

The older I get the more I realize that I have to use some nicer products and my skin got super dry this winter. I found the Yes to blueberry face wipes at Target and I'm really in love. They're super awesome. And the Yes to Blueberry face cream is spectacular too, So worth it.

I sound like a dufus when I say that a pen has changed my life but these might be the most amazing pens ever created. Fine point, multi colored and the case, Oh my the case is perfect and each pen has it's own little slot. And you can angle the lid so it props up the case at an angle. Swoon,...

I might have already talked about my obsession with May Books. I'm on a huge stationary and paper kick this year. I realized I can't keep track of everything on my phone and I need paper. If' you're going to take notes, it might as well be in cute notebooks.

I love that they're small and cute and customizable AND you can get them made with graph paper. I love writing in tiny boxes. Funny story, I think 50% of the women at our last CAB meeting had a May Book. You should totally sign up for their e-mail and facebook because they run 50% off sales periodically and it's so worth it to pick up a few at that price!

Have a great rest of the day!

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  1. OH MY GOSH... I NEED those pens in my life. Like NEED. I'm such a journal person (love my maybooks so much too) & love different colors! I'm heading to order them now!

    1. Did you get them???? I love them so much, I might be in an unhealthy relationship with these pens.

  2. Tinder might be one of the creepiest things ever. There are some seriously sketchy people out there!