Monday, February 23, 2015

Weekend Casino!

We are FINALLY thawing out down here in NC. I know everyone else in the Northeast is still digging out, and getting snowed in, and digging out again but for us poor folks in the South we can't handle this! We get snow one day and it's 50 degrees and melts the next. This time it stuck around for DAYS. I mean DAYS! My driveway was covered in ice and snow until it got warm enough to melt today. We don't own rock salt or a snow shovel, No need. Thankfully we're resilient down here.

Since we were a little stir crazy, Kev and I decided to take a weekend trip to Asheville and then off to Harrah's Cherokee Casino. I left work at 1230pm, got home, did the dishes, packed, and off we went!

I found these in the backseat of Kev's car and couldn't have been happier. Nothing says road trip like a bad of delicious Starburst.

We got into Asheville around 630 and had reservations at the Chestnut which was AMAZING.

Their version of a classic Cosmo. A little tart but really tasty.

Kev and I shared this platter of house-made meats and local cheeses. Asheville is really into their delicious hippie food.

Then I ordered the smoked salon "medium plate" for dinner. It was yum.

While we were at dinner, Carmen Sandiego walked in. I know it was cold, but she was fully decked out in her red coat and hat. 

She's in Asheville NC. Probably gone by now, but definitely was there.

We stayed over and when we got up, went to the Sunny Point Cafe. If you're in Asheville, you MUST stop here! It's absolutely one of the best breakfast places ever. Kev actually rates it as his 2nd most favorite breakfast place, which if you know Kev, that's saying a LOT.

I got the organic carrot pancake and bacon. It was one of the best things ever.

Then we got into the car and drove to Harrah's Cherokee, It was about 90 minutes away and we had to take a twisty, windy goat path to get there.

I have to say, I wasn't impressed, and that's not just because I didn't win anything. There isn't anything for miles and hardly any shops in the entire place. Really, there were 2 places to look at and they weren't awesome. I'm happy to gamble but I like taking a break and looking at things. There were no things.

Honestly, for as ling as it took to get there, I would have rather gone the extra 3 hours to Atlantic City. Or I would have stayed in Asheville and eaten more delicious hippie food and looked in the ecletic shops.

After a long day of not winning, we headed to the hotel and before we knew it, time to leave.

Of course we had to stop back in Asheville for another hippie breakfast. Yay.

It's was nice to spend time with Kev and go on a little road trip but I'm happy to be back. AND while we were gone, the snow melted. :)

Before I head out, please stop and check out my friend Kristen's Go Fund Me Page. She's been plagued with some medical issues and could really use some help. Anything would be appreciated!

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  1. You found Carmen Sandiego?? Shut up!! ;) I LOVE Asheville, such a beautiful place! Glad you had a great time and are thawing out from the snow!

    1. We really did! Of course I was a few drinks in and I was convinced it was her. LOL

  2. Asheville is great. I haven't been in the last few years to experience the expanding food market, but I'm sure I should be super jealous. I've never actually been to the casino, despite growing up outside Hickory. We once went to Cherokee, but it was boring and from then on I stuck with the Biltmore House or Boone/Blowing Rock.

    1. I should have stayed in Asheville and gone to the Biltmore. lol, It would have been a LOT less expensive.

  3. Organic carrot pancakes?!?!?! I've never heard of that before...
    That meme is hilarious... some towns just aint prepared for snow

    1. THEY WERE SO GOOD! Really one of the best things I've ever eaten.

  4. All the food, oh my. Carrot pancakes, sound interesting but delicious. I played a lot of Carmen Santiago as a kid. Haha!

    1. They were awesome! I played a lot of Nintendo Carmen Sandiego. I remember the names of the villains were funny, like Nosmo King.