Monday, February 2, 2015

The Annual Super Bowl Party

Raise your hand if you're having a rough Monday. (hand raised) There might not be enough coffee to get me through the day, especially if I want to go to the gym and make it to the meeting I have at 8pm tonight.

After several months I'm so excited to finally see my article for the Angelos in print! The Angelos is the magazine published quarterly by Kappa Delta. I few months ago I wrote a blog post and it was seen by the editor of the magazine. She asked me to condense it for the article. I was absolutely shocked, I never thought I'd have an article published, let alone in the Angelos!

If you happened to come over from the article, WELCOME! Thank you for taking the time to look at the magazine and actually type the blog address in your computer! The original blog post that started the whole thing can be found here. Again, thanks for stopping by!

We had our annual Super Bowl party last night and the weekend was spent shopping, prepping, cooking and finally partying. Word to the wise, never, ever, go to Costco on a Saturday, at noon, the day before Super Bowl Sunday. There were 20 people deep around some of the sample stations. It's a tiny spoonful of cake people! Don't push people out of the way for half a bite of cake. The pizza and mozzarella stick station was pretty brutal too.

I did find peace at the last stop of the day, the liquor store.

The moonshine was amazing and there isn't s drop left. I literally put it in my red solo cup with some ice. As for the Fireball, I'm a fan of cinnamon flavored adult beverages but everyone who went to college in the 90s had a bad Goldschlager experience. Fireball is all of the delicious and none of the bad decisions. 

 Bright and early Sunday morning I got to work making the food. On the menu we had pepperoni rolls, sausage dip, meatballs and slider buns, shortbread cookies, butter cookies, muddy buddies, oh and we ordered a 3ft hoagie.

In the morning I shaped the bread dough into slider buns, made my pepperoni rolls and set them out to rise. I had to put them on cookie sheets, cover with plastic wrap, then cover with a dish towel. I made a little morgue of bread dough.

For those of you who aren't familiar, pepperoni rolls are freaking awesome. It's just pepperoni and cheese rolled in bread dough and baked but OMG, they're awesome. They're really popular where I grew up and I was surprised that no one had ever heard of them down south

There's nothing better than taking a warm pepperoni roll and dipping them in marinara sauce. BUT it has to be the right sauce. So I ordered marina sauce from the Pennsylvania Macaroni company in Pittsburgh. The sauce was totally on point.

I was really disappointed with the meatballs though. When they arrived, I discovered that there was soy protein in them. Yuck. There wasn't anything on the website to warn of allergens and the ingredients weren't listed. Meatball fail.

Keeping with the tradition of ordering too much food, we got a 3ft hoagie from the NY Deli around the corner. We totally threw back to our northern roots and kept the sandwich cold on the back porch. Because that's what you do in the North, keep stuff cold by leaving it outside. There's still a bunch of beer on the porch.

Everyone had a lovely time and I couldn't tell you anything about the game or the commercials, except for the last 30 seconds.

Needless to say, I brought a crap-ton of food to work today. Hopefully someone will eat it and put me out of my misery. 

Oh! I almost forgot, I finished my cross stitch just in time for the party.

Words to live by....

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  1. The sample stations at those places are crazy!! Looks like you had some great food! I love the cross stitch! Too funny!!

    1. Let's be honest, there's nothing I like more than some samples. If it's in a tiny cup, I'll eat it. However, I'm not going to bust through a line 3 people deep to get a 1/4 of a cheese stick. Nope.

  2. First, props on the Angelos article! I was showing it to everyone I know like you were one of my kids who just got a certificate at school.
    Kudos to keeping it real on the 'Yankee party foods' ... I swear my mom still has Tupperware Christmas cookies sitting on the back porch. Those thumbprints will be fresh for months!
    Lastly, you are in my prayers. Those interviews sound brutal at work. I don't think there's enough Kona beans in Hawaii to caffeinate a work week with those resumes. AOT Girl! #LaraForFutureNationalPresident

    1. Awww, thanks!! It was fantastic to finally see it in print. I had another Northerner at the party who also appreciated that the food was being kept cold on the porch. As for National President, that's a tall order, lol We are electing a new one at convention this year, I have my guess as to who will be slated but we'll see!

  3. You are very brave to check to go to Costco on a weekend! I find Monday evening to the best! But all of your Superbowl treats look delish! Yum!

  4. Keeping stuff cold outside is totally a northern thing! I almost forgot about that (being in Texas 9 years now by the way of Chicago). Thanks for the sweet reminder!!