Monday, August 10, 2015

Scenes from the Weekend

How was your weekend? I swear they go by faster and faster. I think I just need one 3 day weekend or 4 day... just a little extra break would be awesome.

Everything is picking back up again, move in at NC State was over the weekend and today starts Spririt Week, I swear they just went home for the summer. I remember having to head back to school earlier than most, because every chapter has Spirit week and recruitment practice the week before the rest of the students come back. I swear it wasn't this stinking early. Maybe I'm just getting old and my memory is failing me.
Cleo isn't amused.

Friday night we started off with a trip to Margeaux's. We hadn't been there in a while and decided to go back. After work I stopped to get my nails done and got home later than usual. The nail place I've been auditioning, meh, I'm going to keep looking. I need you to do a good job on my raggedy cuticles and to be able to do a good job painting with dark polish. If you can't do that, you can't be my nail guy.

Anywho, I apparently didn't take any pictures of my food (I had salmon) or my cosmo, which of course I had one. Afterwards we went to Yogurt Mountain and I ate the toppings off my fro-yo and saved the rest for later.

Saturday Kev and I needed to get some much needed purging done. If we have any hope of selling this house we have to get rid of some of our crap. Namely all the crap that we brought from our last house and haven't used since we moved here. 

I cleaned out a TON of clothes, re-organized my dresser, the closet and all the cabinets in the bathroom. There were a lot of things....

Saturday night we headed to the Blue Note in Durham where there was an accapella shin-dig. 7 or 8 groups were there, Kev's being one of them, and they were all singing 4 songs apiece. It was a nice event, don't get me wrong, but the venue left much to be desired. They didn't have nearly enough tables in the main area to accommodate all of the people and it was worse than standing room only. We had our names in for a table over an hour before and when they finally called us, the only space they had was in a strange side room. Oh, and the owner / manager was a giant douche. While I was asking Kev if sitting in the back was OK, he tried to give our table away and I kinda got into it with him. Yea, not a fan. The groups did a good job and everyone had a good time, the owner just really put a bad taste in my mouth.

Thankfully we didn't eat there. Instead we went to Vin Rouge, home of the delicious steak tartare. Nom nom nom....

We took a good selfie too.

On another note. my front camera has been super blurry recently.I need to figure out what's up with that. 

Sunday morning came and I headed out for my usual grocery shopping, 

I did go to a 3pm Pump class at the gym. It went something like this...
Me: Oh, my hip has been bothering me, I should lower my squat weight. Oh, that lady, who I've never seen before, and never will again, has more weight than me. I guess I could use my regular weights. This is why I have issues....

That's my weekend, tell me you did something awesome!

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  1. Since moving to the new house and living on my own, I've grocery shopped once. I have to actually talk myself out of going to the store because I won't eat the food I buy (unless it's bacon and brussel spouts, then it's game on). I walked around Target looking for things to buy and completely failed. Which is good and bad, of course.
    I didn't move in until the the weekend before classes started when I lived on campus, so that would have been this upcoming weekend. I hadn't thought about that in a hot minute. Thanks for that trip down memory lane..

    1. Oh, I grocery shop and need to get better at eating what I buy. For example, I prepped food for lunches for the week and on Monday my boss took us to lunch and the next 3 days I'm training my team and we're bringing in lunch each day. OH and if my team makes their goal, they're having a chipotle party on Friday.

  2. Mine isn't the best. I don't know if I need to clean it or what but dang, it looks rough sometimes.