Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Prepping my Fall Wardrobe -

I'm ready for Fall. No if, ands or buts about it. I'm ready for Fall. It's been unseasonably hot in NC this year and the 90 degree days started back in June. I'm good thank you very much. I've seen my first pumpkin spice thing AND candy corn. I'm ready!

I've been perusing the interwebs looking at fall fashion and trying to decide what's on my wish list. After I put these pictures together, I learned that I apparently want to revert to my 80s rocker chick roots.

I bet I could still get my hair that high. I just need some Aqua Net. Funny story, when I was in college we were watching Jerry Springer and there was a lady whose name was Aquanetta. Seriously, someone's mom named them after a bottle of hairspray. That's so unfortunate.  

I digress, on to some of my key pieces for the Fall.

1. Leather (like) Jacket. I started looking for a leather-ish jacket a few weeks ago and finally started to see some tricking into the stores. I wanted one light enough to wear in the office as well as out.

I ordered this one from Nordstrom anniversary sale. I really liked the moto style of it. It was super cute on as well. Check it out here. I'd suggest going up a size.

Then I saw this one at Nordstrom Rack. I LOVE IT. I ordered it, then actually saw it in the store and loved it even more in person. I returned the other jacket... Really, for the price you can't beat it and it's super flattering on. I got the black but I bet the brown is cute in person too.

2. Chambray dress. Sadly I'm getting to the age where I remember having items of clothing that I've gotten rid of and now they're back in style and I'm pissed that they're gone. Really though, I wouldn't have kept something that long but I'd happily by it again. I HAD a denim a-line dress and it was adorable. Ergh....

I'm looking for a chambray dress with an a-line skirt, Everything I'm seeing are shirt dresses and that style just doesn't work well on my body shape. I need something with a defined waist.

This eShakti dress is super cute

3. Shearling vest - I don't know why I love this in the black but I just do. It'd be so cute with skinny jeans and a longer shirt.

Also at Nordstrom.

4. Black leather skirt. Really Lara? Leather-ish jacket, that shearling vest AND a leather skirt? YES! I don't know why but I can't STOP. Loft had a cute leather skirt last season but it looked tragic on me. Maybe this season will be different. 

I don't know where I found this but I'd love to find something similar (non trashy)

5. New Chambray shirt. I have one that will be awesome in 10 pounds but I'd like something to tide me over in the mean time. 
This one from Maurice's is just the right color. 

6. Cute Tunic. I love a nice tunic  for the fall. Wear it with jeans and booties now and with tights and a scarf in a few months. I LOVE this one from Nordstrom.

I got this in the large during the anniversary sale and like that it's a little longer and I can pass it off as a dress. I tried it on in the store and the medium definitely fit but it was a lot shorter, I would have needed to wear tights or leggings underneath,

So yea, my fall wishlist is nothing but denim and leather. Huh, I'm sure that says something about my personality, I just don't know what. lol

Oh, the next GYPO Style Challenge is open! It's the work wear challenge and I've been looking forward to this one. 3 weeks of outfits, all work appropriate, really, I'm super excited to get the shopping list. I highly doubt there will be a shearling leather vest on the list, but I can hope. Check it out here while the early bird pricing is still in affect and come join us!

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  1. ummmmm we might have to have matching chambray dresses. just fyi. I've been looking for a chambray dress for a while. :)

  2. Love that leather jacket, and I am all about the chambray, it's so versatile and perfect for Fall! I am so ready for cooler temps as well!

    1. I really, really love the jacket. I can't wait for it to get cool enough to wear!

  3. I love that tunic/dress, and you're right, that chambray from Maurice's is the perfect color! I have been wanting a leather (okay, let's be real...pleather because I'm cheap) jacket in a cognac/brown color but haven't found one yet! A girl in my office was wearing a leather pencil skirt yesterday and it was sooo cute.

    1. Seriously, check out the brown version of the jacket at Nordstrom Rack. I really, really love it. Now to find a maurice's close enough for me to scope out that shirt and not pay shipping.

  4. I'm loving all of your fall pics, especially that leather jacket. What a steal too. And Aquanetta? Really? That is just so unfortunate. You're going to be rocking some great looks this fall.

  5. I am ready too! I love the olive dress and have leather jackets mainly here in NC, great choices!
    Thanks for linking up with Turning Heads Tuesday
    jess xx