Monday, June 16, 2014

What do you do with a bag of swag?

I mentioned yesterday that I wanted to save the Komen swag for another post, No reason other than I see other bloggers with bags of goodies and you NEVER get to see what's inside. It's like peaking in someone's medicine cabinet or in their fridge. Not that I would ever do that but come on, who isn't curious of what's in there?

So, one of craziest parts of the Komen race is the sheer volume of swag one can collect. After running races for the last 4 years, I've accumulated more than my share of crap. I have everything from shirts to hats to bandannas to shoelaces, to meatballs, you name it, someone's given it away. 

By far, the biggest haul can be had at this race and I had to post what I collected. Now I'm sure there were things I missed and I didn't grab any of the candy or popsicles. I can't eat them on the detox anyways.

First up, Walgreens, and it was a pretty nice spread. A reusable bag, water bottle (did I mention that I might have hundreds of water bottles at this point? Kev saw this one and told me to get rid of it because we've reached maximum capacity) a little pill key chain thingie where you can hide a few pills or whatever else you can stuff in there. A mirror compact, face wash and chapstick. Well done Walgreens, well done.

Belk also gave you a drawstring bag with a koozie and some gum. Koozies are always nice since I'm building my collection.

The rest of these were one offs from different places. Here we have another reusable shopping bag, 2 pairs of ear buds, an arm band for your phone and a Duke Cancer drawstring bag. The ear buds are new this year. I haven't seen those before. I like having junky ones at work for when I want to keep people from asking me questions. No, no, I love all of the questions, I really do.

Moving on, we have a bag of dog treats that Cleo already enjoyed, a bandage holder, a Warrior bandanna which I think would look fabulous on Cleo if she would wear it and a WRAL towel. There was an on-air guy passing out the towels and people wanted him to sign them. WFH? A towel signed by the weather guy will never increase in value and in the end you just have a dirty towel. I do think this would be a great spin class towel. Nothing worse than a sweaty spin class and no towel.

Then we have ANOTHER reusable bag. Maybe I'll actually put them in my car and take them to Trader Joes with me. One can dream... What else, there's a pen, plus an un-pictured pen, a flat water bottle that I can hook to hiking equipment? and a plastic braided bracelet.

Then  came the food! Plenty of bottled water, a grape drink from Whole Foods, apple, banana and a fruit bar. Oh, and the pen I forgot to photograph above.

Overall, a pretty impressive haul! It's all still in the bag which is now sitting on the bakers rack in my kitchen. I have no idea what I'm going to do with it all, but yay swag!

What's your favorite piece of race swag?

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