Monday, October 6, 2014

Climb Aboard the Struggle Bus

I have a confession, I have been struggling lately. Ugh, struggling with my food, my fitness goals, my exercise, all of it. I know why, I've been ridiculously tired recently. I wake up fairly early every morning and go non-stop until it's time for bed.

Work has been crazy busy and I expect it to be for the foreseeable future. That's what happenes when you take over a team who needs an entire infrastructure built. (HOW did they not have a training plan for new people???) When I get busy I don't eat properly. I know that. I don't eat when I should and the next thing I know I'm starving and shove a bunch of food in my mouth. I don't eat at normal times and end up hungry at even stranger times of the day. We won't even talk about the daily bag of fun sized Skittles (thankfully it was only 2 bags a day). After that I generally head to the gym or some sort of night time thing, usually something KD related since I'm advising 3 positions right now.

Add that to a lingering sore throat that's been hanging around for almost 3 weeks and things are pretty rough. I worked from home Thursday afternoon and struggled to stay awake.

I hate being tired. Hate, hate, hate it.

I'm also wondering if the influx of carbs I've been eating has anything to do with my sluggishness. When I was doing the 21 Day sugar detox and the cleanse, I felt really energetic and the brain fog was gone. Since I started having crabs again the fog has been creeping back and I hate it. Kev has always been a fan of eating low carb and he started back on it last week and in 5 days lost 7 pounds. Sigh, men. I won't lose 7 pounds in 5 days but if I could lose a little bloat  before we go away next week, I'd be thrilled. So, here we go. Low carb.

Before starting, I needed one last hurrah. We went to the Angus Barn and while my meal was low carb, my drink... WAIT cosmos are kiiiinnnndddaaa low carb. WOO HOO!

Saturday morning we headed over to the World of Bluegrass festival. Neither of us really give a flying fig about bluegrass but one of the groups Kev represents was playing there for a world premier. It wasn't bluegrass and they were fantastic. 

After that was over it was off to do some shopping. We went to Costco and I found these. The lady who invented them was there doing the demo and let me say, they were fantastic. They're like the second generation of shirataki noodles. These ones don't taste like crap.

The stats are pretty good too.

There were 6 boxes for $14.99 which isn't bad. She was selling boxes of 6 on QVC for $39. Needless to say, we're stocked up now.

Sunday morning I headed out for what was supposed to be 8 miles and I got through 4. I just felt tired and sluggish and run down. I know the first few days of being on a low carb diet will do that. It's all the minerals you lose from the massive amount of peeing. Yes. you de-bloat and pee a lot the first few days.

Any who, the run wasn't the best and I'm seriously contemplating doing the half. Ergh. I want do do another but I want to run faster too and those 2 things don't always go together for me.

After my crap-tastic run, I took my smelly self to Target. We needed more seltzer water, cat food and a Brita pitcher.

I bought all the water. And a green pepper.

Got home, painted my nails and whined for a while about how cold I was. Today was the official "swap out summer for winter clothes" day. YAY for thumb holes. YAY for complaining that I'm cold for the next 6 months.

Annnnnddddd that was the exciting story of my weekend. I decided to eat low carb and brought out the sweaters, 

How was your weekend??

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  1. That cosmo looks really good & I love your nail color!

    1. Thanks! I love my cosmos and needed a nail color that was a little more fall-y.

  2. Really love your nail colour! I feel you for sure, it's so tough to find time and energy to work out when each day is so by the time I'm home I have to cook dinner and clean up then I read or watch TV for an hour then it's bed hahaha... it's brutal! I think I'm going to try going to the gym before work a couple times per week. Good luck girl!!

    1. Thanks! I just love a nice dark nail polish. :) I've just had something every night or I run around like crazy all day at work and by 5pm I'm so tired. Ugh. I wish I could go before work, I just don't want to get up at 4am to work out.

  3. I love thumb holes!
    I've been in a bad slump of food... & sadness lately.
    I keep seeing those weird noodles everywhere!

  4. Carbs are the devil. The delicious, delicious devil. I just feel better when we don't eat them.