Friday, October 31, 2014

I have no excuses

Don't you hate it when bloggers are like..OMG, life has been so crazy busy and I can't believe it's been so long since I posted. bler bler bler... That's me. I'm brewing up some stuff over here and it's been a pretty exciting week, I just can't share right now. (No, it's not a baby)

Let's talk about 5 other things! I started to write this post with five other things then I realized that today was Halloween. Well well well....I guess we need to change things up a little. So how about 5 Halloween things?

1. One of my best Halloween Costumes was my sophomore year of high school when I dressed up as one of the members of Milli Vanilli. This was before the time of Party City and the Halloween Spirit store and you had to make your own things like a wig made from a mop. It was heavy. That was before I was allowed to get contacts so I was the one who wore glasses. Thinking about it now, it was terribly inappropriate but still a fantastic costume.

2. I might have Trick or Treated far longer than I should have. As a senior in high school a friend and I hit up a few houses. I would trick or treat today if someone would let me.

3.  Favorite Halloween treat tight now is the Apple Cider Tea from Tevana. SWEAT LORD IN HEAVEN IT'S THE NECTAR OF THE GODS. Go and drink it and cry happy tears.

4. A few years ago Kev and I went to a Karaoke Halloween Party and he won second place for his costume, He dressed up like a spooky Proctologist and had a bloody finger, It was horrifying. He got beat by Jesus. Dude really looked like Jesus too. I figure you can't really complain about that.

5.I have a black cat and every Halloween I try to have her look spooky and perch on the porch. She won't do it,

Godiva was unamused when I asked her. Per usual she's 3 inches from me.

Happy Halloween everyone!
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  1. milli vanilli!!! I LOVED THEM!! you should post a pic of that ;)

    1. I bet my mother has a picture of that.I might have painted my face black as well which is now horribly inappropriate but no one had a problem back then...

  2. Apple cider is the bomb! It's like liquid crack to me!
    Note: adding a lil Apple vodka makes me even happier at times ;)

  3. Mili Vanilli!!! Love it! Girl you know it's true! Ohh ohh ohhh. I need to find that tea! Sounds delish!

    1. Who didn't love Milli Vanilli??? And yes, go get that tea! I might need to make some now.

  4. He really does. I mean, who can complain about getting beat by Jesus?