Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I ate all the carbs. Part 2

My last post only covered the NY part of our trip and we still have all of New Jersey to cover. I've always had a soft spot in my heart for NJ, mainly because Bon Jovi. Greatest band ever. No arguments, they just are, that is all.

We stayed the night at Kevin's cousins Larry and Jackie and had a lovely visit. Little do they know we'll be back often. We also learned that one of Kev's other cousins now owns a monkey! I.can't.even. MONKEY!!! Yea, we'll be planning a monkey trip sometime soon.

Before making the drive to Atlantic City we needed to stop for, what else, bagels! This might start a battle but I have to say, NJ bagels were better than NY bagels. The NY bagels were fluffy and delicious but the NJ ones were dense and chewy. Sorry, dense and chewy always wins in my book.

This really was everything.

On the road we stopped for more coffee, where else, at the Wawa. I took the picture and tried to capture all the steam coming off the coffee. It didn't really work, just believe me that it was steamy. I still swear that Northern coffee is hotter than Southern coffee. I think there's some southern law that requires all the hot water to only be a a certain degree and in the north all bets are off. You drink the coffee at your own risk.

Sadly though, we didn't have amazing coffee when we were away. I had decent coffee in NYC but after that it went downhill. The Wawa was fine but not amazing. I would have traded it for a cup of Breuggers.

We rolled into Atlantic City in the afternoon and were able to check into out room at the Tropicana pretty quickly. We always used to stay at the Trop but strayed away the last 2 visits. This time we got a pretty decent rate and we were happy to come back. As soon as we dropped our stuff in the room. Kev headed to the Poker table. I headed to the outlet mall. It was much warmer than I expected the entire trip. The sun was super hot and I was tired of sweating. I was also still on my quest for a pair of leather pants. The theater around the corner from my house is doing Rent in January and I need leather pants to audition. Don't ask why but I think I need leather pants for Rent.

I found this super cute dress at the Loft Outlet and couldn't pass it up. It will be perfect for the Greek Awards ceremony.

That night we tooled around and did some gambling. I had this delicious Cosmo at Carmine's.

We tried to get an appetizer there but everything is family sized and I didn't want 15 pounds of calamari.

The next morning I was determined to get a run on the boardwalk, It was flat and glorious.

I loved seeing the pier, we rarely make it that far down the boardwalk.

On the way back I saw this great sign. Loved it.

I had a really good run. It was flat and fast. Although I don't understand why I'm the only runner on the boardwalk and one random man and his kid dart out in front of me. Whhhhhyyyyy does this always happen?

Not too shabby. If you run from the Trop to the Taj Mahal and back, it's exactly 3 miles. #themoreyouknow

I took this picture for my mom. She talked about how my dad wants to go to Atlantic City, walk on the boardwalk, and sit on a bench and watch the ocean. I tried to explain that there was a big dune and the benches face the wrong way.

This bench faces a fudge shop.
The next morning as we were leaving Kev saw some people wearing bibs. Apparently the Boardwalk 5k was Saturday morning at 9am. :/

That night we went over to the Borgata and weren't really hungry for a full diner yet so we decided to have some appetizers instead. I had a cosmo and we got the meat and cheese plate and the duck fat fries.

OMG DUCK FAT FRIES!!! This is the food that absolutely changed my life. WHHHHHHYYYYY have I gone this long in my life without ever eating duck fat fries???

There was Parmesan cheese and happiness sprinkled on top and some ridiculous aioli dipping sauce. It was so good we never ended up having a real dinner.

More gambling at the Borgata before we decided to call it a night. We needed to get up early and get to Northern Virgina for a wedding!

Saturday morning we needed to make one last diner stop, the Phily Diner. We always seem to stop here because we pass it on the way to the Turnpike.

Oh look, more eggs, turkey sausage and potatoes. Can I just take a minute to reflect on these potatoes? You can't get these in the south and I don't know why. I swear I'm going to open a for real diner here and serve eggs and those potatoes. The only sad part was that Lender's Bagel in the back. I didn't come to Jersey for a crap bagel.
Kev got a tower of french toast. I should have put something next to it to show how tall it really was. Each of those pieces were a good inch thick. 

After stuffing out faces it was off to Virgina for a wedding!
What's your favorite breakfast food? Eggs or do you prefer french toast?
Ever been to Atlantic City?


  1. That dress is super cute! MM cosmos are the best. And those fries look freaking delish. :)

    1. Thanks! I kinda loved it alot. I wanted there to be more of a discount on it but I couldn;t pass it up with that fit.

  2. Void pick on the dress! That French toast looks amazing!! Impressed you were able to get a run in!

    1. Let me tell you, that run was tough! Well, getting out of bed after the late night was the worst part. :)

  3. that loft dress is super cute - and that french toast looks amazing. yummm.

  4. So many more carbs. I can't look at a piece of bread for a while now. :)

  5. don't even talk to me about carbs - i had more carbs on vacay than i did all year! but that was because the guy who cooked loves that shizz and i ain't about to complain when someone graciously cooks for 7 people on i ate and felt awful and my skin freaked out :(