Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Raleigh Comic Con and Pondering

Does anyone else have a month that really, really sucks? As in, there was some sort of horrible loss(es) during the month and each year you just want to make through the month unscathed? That's what March is like for us. Please Lord, let us just make it out of March alive. Anywho, March started on Sunday and so far so good! Three days in but I don't want to jinx it.

OK, I have a few things to confess, well they aren't really confessions, more like things to ponder.

I started the Whole last week and so far so good! I decided to join a first timer group on Facebook and for the most part, it's been really interesting and helpful. But there have been some posts and comments that have just boggled my mind. I mean really, if someone chooses to not follow the program, chill out, but instead they're throwing fits on-line.

I posted this picture of Trader Joe's plantain chips to see if the oil was compliant. It wasn't and someone went on a tangent about "people" looking for a substitute for chips and anything chip-like wasn't acceptable.... First of all child, slow your roll and get away from the computer, If a question about a chip triggers that kind of response, you've got some issues. #LetItGo

I do have 2 other cats and they're both neurotic. You know how people have cats and sometimes cats have people? I am Godiva's person. Ever since we got her as a kitten, I was her person. I promise that if you come to my house, the cat will be about 5 feet from me at all times. No lie. You could also pet her for hours and hours and hours and she would be absolutely fine. She's also still pulling all the hair off her backside. I think the cone of shame is in her future again, Or kitty Prozac.

I had a great idea to put a cat sweater on her to keep her from eating her but fur, If she had a sweater or pants to cover the areas she won't leave alone, it would solve my problem. I can make this happen. #CatPants

My freshman year of college I went to a small all-women's college in Virginia, Sweet Briar College. The other day, the College announced that after 114 years, they would be closing their doors and the this year's would be the last class to graduate. I'm really bummed to hear that, even though I left after a year and ran away to Pitt, it was a great school and I have so many fond memories of that year. It's really unfortunate that after such a long and rich history, they were unable to keep the school going, It really stinks. #RIPSweetBriar

The last few days Kev has been watching Colombo on Netflix. I'm a little young to get Colombo but he really likes it. Here's the thing, I had NO idea how long those dang episodes were. Really, each episode is mini series length. The other day, I called him when I left the gym and he just started an episode. I drove to Whole Foods, shopped, ran into a friend, chatted, came home, took a bath, made dinner, ate it and Colombo STILL hadn't solved the dang case. It was like 3 hours later. #DangColombo

This month Raleigh is hosting it's first Comic Con. I'm not a sci-fi person by any stretch of the imagination but we're definitely going, WHY???

Because David Tennant!!! OMG YEEEESSSS!!!! Seriously, Doctor Who is the only sci-fi thing I give 2 shakes about and 10 was the BEST. Kev is totally down to go as well because you know who else is coming??

Shatner.YES SHATNER is coming too, Kev is a huge Trek fan and loves him some Shatner, Yes, we are going and will totally push anyone who gets in the way of our respective fangirling. I never though I would be excited about going to Comic Con...

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  1. So, when Mr. Scrooge found out Spock died, he was said and said that it was like all the originals were gone.. and I pointed out that Shatner was still alive and he was all, "But he was such shit." So it makes me laugh to see your post. I'm neutral on the subject because I only ever remember catching a few episodes of Star Trek as a kid and never really watched it since, but it has crossed my mind.

  2. I had no idea Comic Con was happening in the area. I hope you have a blast! Good luck with whole 30. I hate when people go off on tangents unprovoked. Ugh. They may need some Prozac as well.

  3. I would LOVE to go to Comic Con... its been here a few years & I can't get my hubs to go - which is stupid when our WHOLE BASEMENT is decorated in Super Hero stuff. You'd think he'd love it.

    I hate when people jump on something like SCREAMING comments are going to make a difference. Geez. Calm down people.

  4. I am SUPREMELY jealous that y'all get Tennant! AHHH As you can see from the name, I'm a huge nerd/geek so D.T. is like my perfect geek. I've been to about 5 cons, none with Tennant though! Wahh! I expect a full report! Have fun!

  5. Go to Comic Con!! Just do it!! I can't wait to go this year in KC! It's my third year now!!


  7. It blows my mind that a college can just shut down but I guess it has to happen at some time, right. I have never been to a ComicCon but I am sure you will have a blast!