Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Random Thoughts and a Swap

Lookie, 2 days, 2 blog posts! Who's on top of their game?!? Damn right.

Last week Kev and I finally had a chance to see the Imitation Game. (AMAZING). But since it had been a while since it was released, the only place we could see it was at Raleighwood.

For all you non-locals, Raleighwood is a theater were you order dinner. The tickets are pretty cheap, I think it was $9.50 for the 2 of us and you just order food. Sounds great, right? If I were a 15 year old boy and only ate pizza, burgers and potato skins, I would be in heaven. Since all of that gives me a stomachache, it's a little difficult for me to find something to eat.

Everytime we go to Raleighwood, it reminds me of OTB. That's Off Track Betting for those of you who aren't from the north. 

OTB is where your dad and uncle go to watch horse races on small TVs, bet on them, smoke and eat greasy food. Raleighwood is cheap movies, greasy food and instead of going with your day, your uncle brings his wife and they have some onion rings and a hot dog while watching the movie.

Both places smell like grease and broken dreams. 

Aside from the grease smell, the movie was EXCELLENT. Seriously, so, so good. For once I didn't spend the entire movie trying to figure out if Benedict Cumberbatch was attractive or not. Because he wasn't. Not once during the movie did I think he was attractive, They must have only filmed him from his bad angle. You really, must see it!

Let's see, what else do I need to get caught up on? A few weeks ago I signed up for the Mug O' Comfort swap. The idea is that you get hooked up with a fellow blogger, you get to know each other and send a box of goodies. 

I was matched with Jennifer over at Inner Workings of a Female Mind. Unfortunately for us we were both super busy and didn't have a chance to really converse much. Still, I was excited to bust into my package as soon as it arrived. 

There was a little travel mug and cold drink cup in shades of pink, socks, hand lotion, chapstick, gum, a pouch and there's a leopard print scarf underneath all of that. lol.

I see that Jennifer loves Target as much as I do. The funny part is that I sent her the same Chapstick. Cake batter for the win!

I'm probably not going to get too much use out of the mugs, it's just because I have an abnormal obsession with keeping my coffee as hot as I can for as long as humanly possible. I love me a good vacuum seal. Check out my new precious.

20 ounces of coffee AND it can keep your beverage hot for up to 7 hours. I made it 3 today but might have to test its limits.

A few weeks ago Kev asked me what the heck I ordered from Poland.
It's Mister TEA! Bwah ha ha ha.

I got it off Etsy and didn't realize it was coming from Poland. When I opened the package and showed Kev, he immediately understood why I couldn't control myself.

Hope you're having a great Tuesday!

Coffee or Tea?

Ever tried a Contigo mug? Best EVER!


  1. I'm BOTH a coffee & tea girl... the best of both worlds.
    So did the thermos really work for that long? My tea is always cold by the time I get to work...
    I don't get the Benedict obsession - I think he's odd looking.

  2. Lol. We were the youngest at Raleighwood by at least 20 years. at least...