Friday, April 3, 2015

We Were the C&E Relatives

Happy Easter to all of you who are celebrating today!

Easter was always one of the bigger holidays growing up. Mainly because we were the C & E relatives. That means we only ever attended church on Christmas and Easter. My Grandma said that we could make it to church twice a year and dangit, Easter would be one of those holidays. Growing up in a half Catholic, half Protestant family means that you don't really have one place to go and you get exposure to both churches.

Every Easter we'd get brand new outfits, get up super early, search for our Easter baskets, not be allowed to eat any of the treats,  and head over to my Aunt's house for breakfast. All the relatives would be there and we'd go to my mom's church.

Let me tell you about church, The same preacher was there for as ling as I can remember. Every single Easter he'd do the same sermon and we'd sign the same three songs. Seriously, every dang year, it was the SAME three songs. Now I try to get Kev to add those songs into the service at the church he's the muscial driector for, and he won't do it. Rude.

After church there was usually lunch, then home to devour the best parts of our Easter baskets. For me, it also included taking all the candy out of my basket, sort it but type, then artfully rearrange it in my basket. I guess looking back, this was an indicator of my mild to moderate OCD. But you know what, I'd do it again today and if I had to make an Easter basket, that -ish would be so perfectly arranged.

Some things were always staples of the Easter basket.

 - Starburst Jelly Beans. When those things came out, it was like the heavens opened up and the gods rained happiness son us mere mortals, So flipping awesome.

 - Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs. Who doesn't love PB eggs? I look back on them with fondness.

 - Some sort of foil wrapped chocolate egg. I remember Crunch eggs, Butterfinger eggs (these were awesome) and sometimes plain chocolate (meh)

 - A colored hard boiled egg. Meh... No one wants those mucking up their chocolate.

One time my dad bought the Easter candy and it was nothing but white chocolate

Dad also loves those giant chocolate eggs that are full of some awful fruit cream. Every year he'd try and get us to eat them. Nope...

Easter dinner always followed, and always ham. Ham and scallpped potatoes or macaroni salad. it's what's for Easter dinner!

Holiday traditions are awesome and when you grow up you can choose to carry on the old or make your own.

Kev and I stink this year and Dinner might be frozen pizzas. Then again, it's not like we did a Seder for Passover either. I keep trying to get Kev to do one. One day...

Whichever holiday you chose to celebrate this weekend, I hope it was a good one, full of memories!

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  1. DUDEEEE Starburst Jellybeans and Reese's Eggs!!! Throw in a Cadbury egg and I'm in heaven. Sometimes I did dig the real eggs, but only if we got to dye them, then find them, then eat them/let mom make egg salad then eat them. I question the existence of white chocolate because it's not very tasty to me. We didn't do anything Easter-y. We were outside for several hours riding the motorcycles, so I'm gonna call that my time with God since I was being grateful for my life and not dying, lol.