Monday, April 6, 2015

Runs and Restaurant Reviews

You know, it doesn't really matter how long the weekend is, you blink and it's 9pm on Sunday and damn, I need to write a blog post because I'm going to be a good blogger again. Posting regularly, taking pictures of my food and my Garmin after a run. Heck yeah, that's blogging 101.

Saturday we woke up a little later than usual and made breakfast. After sitting around for a while I decided to throw my shoes on and head out for a run. full disclosure, I thought about going to 10am Body Pump but I didn't get up off the couch in enough time to get there. And honestly, it had bee a while since I ran, I had to get some of my mojo back.

First I headed to JC Penny in search of a few things to round out my capsule wardrobe for the Spring GYPO challenge. I was challenged to find white pants that don't make my thighs look like a busted can of biscuits. But more on that later this week.

I went to my favorite trail, the Lake Shelley Greenway to do 3.5 miles. I like it because 1.81 miles in, there's a water fountain and a potty. That way if your morning coffee shakes anything loose, you can take care of things... and get a drink instead of having to ration your water for the entire run. I also like running down Strickland Rd and onto Falls of Neuse because there's a Kroger on the corner that you can refill your water, and potty if needed, but the workers always give me stank eye when I come in all red faced and panting. Now I go to the trail.

Since it had been a while since I'd gone for a run, I decided to ease back into the swing of things with some intervals. I set my timer to run 5 minutes and walk 1.5.

I was pleasantly surprised with my runt times, not too shabby. I also found that mentally knowing I only had to run 5 minutes made it a lot more bearable.

Queen of the positive splits, right here.

I don't know about other people, but while I'm running, I like to think about the food I'm going to eat after I finish. All I could think about was the best sandwich in the world, Breugger's Herby Turkey.

I asked the lady to hollow out the bagel and she sighed and asked if I wanted both sides done... Don't worry about it honey, one side is fine. Then she broke the cardinal rule, she added cheese. Cheese doesn't belong on the Herby Turkey! You don't need it and it's not part of the heavenly creation. 

I gave the cheese to Cleo. She appreciated the mistake.

Quick shower, then it was off to get my hair done. My greys were OUT OF CONTROL. Sorry no pix, I don't pay for a styling after the color because I'm cheap and it's $35 to have someone blow dry and comb your hair. Nope, I'll just have to wash it the next day and bye bye $35.

It was a good thing that I got my hair done because Kev and I had reservations at Saint Jacques. Saint Jacques makes practically every list of the most amazing restaurants in North Carolina and we'd never been. Since we're going to France in a few weeks, I thought we should get used to French food.

Let me just say, everything was amazing and the service was some of the best we've ever had. It's crazy expensive and worth every penny. However, there were a few things that were lacking for me. 

I lurve me some Steak Tartare and since my last tartare was gross, I'd bee craving it for a while. We didn't want to hike to Vin Rouge in Durham and there's an amazing French restaurant 5 miles from my house. 

I made the reservations before I looked at the menu. No steak tartare. Insert sad face. But I decided to soldier on. 

After we sat down, Kev was presented with the wine list, he made his selection and I asked for a Grey Goose Cosmo, only to discover that they didn't have a full bar. Just wine, Sad face number 2. I instead had to drown my sorrows in some Riesling.

I was looking over the menu and got a little nervous that there weren't any prices on it. Then I looked at Kev's and his menu had prices. I guess my delicate self can't handle looking at the prices. I just need to choose my dinner without having to concern my pretty little head with money and other things that men handle.

I guess it's a good idea when you're trying to take your mom out for a nice dinner and all she does is fuss about how much everything is. Then she wants to slip you some money or cover the tip. When mom doesn't know the prices it's just easier.

We placed our order and soon after were presented with an amuse bouche. This was a tiny cracker with apple and cheese with a tiny dot of wine sauce. I was delicate and stretched it into 3 bites. My bouche was amused. It was really good!

The we decided to split the cheese plate. There was a cheese that put hair on my chest, one that was soft and delicious and another that was tasty. It came with honey, grape slices and those little orange squares are the BEST carrot cake I've ever eaten. I just need a bowl full of that to die happy.

It was amazing, and uber French. I see a lot of cheese in my future when we get to France. 

For my dinner I had the sole which was wrapped around a crab / lobster mousse. There were also little fingerling potatoes and super tasty cauliflower. 

I made my way through most of one of the pieces of fish and was super full. Partially because the 2 glasses of wine,  But the manager came over and asked several times if I liked my meal and why I hadn't finished. She offered to make me another dish if I wanted something else. Please don't feed me anything else. Everything was awesome.

We were even so full that Kev didn't even want an apple yummy treat. That, my friends is impressive.

Would we go back, absolutely. It's more of an occasion restaurant but definitely worth a return!

I hope everyone made it through yesterday without falling into a sugar coma and are ready for an awesome week!

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  1. LOL that was me last night too, I was like oh crap I guess I should write a blog post! Plus I took all last week off from posting so I felt really out of practice! All that food looks yummy!

  2. I need one of those watches. I keep reminding myself to look them up because while I am run training it would be great to be able to set timers!! Great run and that food looks amazing :)